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When it comes to larger business private jets, the Dassault Falcon 900 boasts ultimate comfort for its passengers through efficient use of space, including two divan couches and two fully-enclosed bathrooms, as well as section dividers to create three passenger zones and converting berthable seats to lie-flat beds. The cherry on top of this ultimate luxurious private jet is the dedicated flight attendant, appointed leather seats and exquisite finishing, making the Dassault Falcon 900 the perfect place to wine, dine and enjoy your flight in ultimate style.

As far as range goes, the Dassault Falcon 900 is an olympian in its field, offering a massive 8,335 kilometres due to its tri-jet engine configuration. It is known for its reliability and ability to operate to remote locations, where other larger private jets may not be able to land.

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Technical Specs

Aircraft Type:
Tri Jet Engine VIP Long-Range Aircraft
Flight Crew:
1 Captain, 1 First Officer, 1 Flight Attendant
Up to 8,335 kilometres
8 to 14 Passengers
Baggage Capabilities:
Up to 30kgs Per Passenger
Other Features:
Divan couches, 2 bathrooms, converting leather seats to beds

Dassault Falcon 900 Applications

This private jet is the ultimate large executive jet often used by:

VIP, celebrities and musicians
Executive and corporate groups
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