$130 Million Boost for Bankstown Airport Precinct Development

16 Nov, 2023 | Adagold Aviation, News

Aeria Management Group (AMG) has unveiled plans for a substantial $130 million investment, aimed at revitalizing the Aeria precinct, which encompasses Bankstown Airport. This investment is set to fund two significant infrastructure projects, enhancing the area’s aviation, industrial, and community facilities.

The announcement was made during the City of Canterbury Bankstown’s CB Evolve event, hosted at Bankstown Airport on 8 November. This event showcased Aeria’s transformation into a premier hub for aviation, logistics, and sustainability in New South Wales.

At the 310-hectare Aeria precinct, also known for the Altitude Premier Logistics Estate, Canterbury Bankstown Mayor Bilal El-Hayek and AMG CEO Daniel Jarosch led the event. Mayor El-Hayek emphasized the airport’s role as Australia’s third busiest, supporting over 160 enterprises, 6500 jobs, and contributing more than $1 billion annually to the NSW economy.

Mayor El-Hayek expressed confidence in the precinct’s potential to double its job and investment impact, citing the council’s innovative approach as a key driver in making Canterbury Bankstown one of Australia’s most forward-thinking cities.

Owned by Aware Super, AMG manages both the Aeria precinct and Camden Airport in South West Sydney. CEO Jarosch highlighted the company’s upcoming Major Development Plans, set to be unveiled in early 2024, which aim to redefine the standard for modern airport precincts.

A key component of this plan is a $50 million investment in a central aviation precinct at Bankstown Airport. This development is expected to feature up to nine new hangars, offering priority access for VIP aircraft. The focus will be on accommodating a range of aviation needs, including private charters, maintenance, flight training, and cutting-edge air mobility technologies. These technologies will encompass electric and hydrogen-powered aircraft and advanced drones.

“Aeria and Canterbury Bankstown are at the forefront of emerging aviation technologies and the national movement towards ‘jet zero’,” Jarosch stated.

Additionally, AMG announced a Major Development Plan for a new mixed-use retail and industrial precinct. This $80 million project is anticipated to bring together warehouse units, retail spaces, office suites, and a childcare center, enhancing services for local residents, businesses, and families.

“These initiatives underscore our long-term commitment to aviation, industry, and community development,” Jarosch added.

Both Major Development Plans are scheduled for release in the upcoming year, following thorough consultations with airport operators and community stakeholders.

The CB Evolve event, hosted by ABC Radio Sydney’s James Valentine, also featured keynote speaker Kate Munari, Australia’s sole female Navy helicopter pilot with combat experience in Afghanistan. The event highlighted various aircraft driving growth at Bankstown Airport, including emergency service helicopters and Australia’s inaugural electric and hydrogen-powered flying car.

A panel discussion with industry leaders further enriched the event, featuring NSW Productivity Commissioner Peter Achterstraat AM, Aware Real Estate CEO Michelle McNally, Toll NSW Ambulance ACE Training Centre GM Diane Tremain, Quickstep COO Demi Stefanova, and AMSL Aero co-founder Siobhan Lyndon.

“Our precincts are pivotal in supporting NSW, both in the air and on the ground, encompassing a wide range of activities from emergency services and flight training to major manufacturing, freight, logistics, and retail,” Jarosch concluded.

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