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Welcome to AUSTRALIA’S LEADING INDEPENDENT PROVIDER of Private Jets for Hire & Charter Flights 

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Private Jet Hire & Charter Flights

Welcome to AUSTRALIA’S LEADING INDEPENDENT PROVIDER of Private Jets for Hire & Charter Flights 

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Adagold Aviation has proudly led the field in custom private jet hire & aviation services since 1992. Serving a diverse clientele, including government, corporate, and private customers, we are renowned for our exceptional charter flight services.

Our wide range of offerings includes personalised private jets cost effectively, including charter flights and flexible aircraft leasing options, along with expert aviation consulting. As a leader in cargo logistics, we provide effective freight transport solutions, ensuring the smooth handling of air freight needs.

We enhance each customer’s journey with comprehensive ground handling and itinerary management services, delivering a seamless travel experience. Our team of experienced professionals prioritises safety and quality, fostering an environment of excellence.

Thanks to our extensive network and strategic partnerships, we offer a broad selection of aircraft and global coverage. At Adagold Aviation, we are committed to providing superior service, making us a trusted name in the global aviation sector.

Charter Flights 

For All Purposes

Corporate private jet hire


Corporate Private Jet Hire

At Adagold Aviation we offer charter flights and private jet transport to business professionals, VIPs and leisure groups both in Australia and internationally. Avoid long queues and unnecessary delays at the airport.

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Mining &Resources Charter Flights

We offer private jet and charter flight solutions that comply with all of your health and safety needs. We can provide aircraft for every stage of the mining life cycle. Manage all of your mining and resource air charter needs in one place.

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Private Jets for Travel & Tourism

Our private jet specialists can plan and coordinate your family holidays, your honeymoon and other recreational travels for an experience that you’ll never forget. We can craft a customised itinerary based entirely around your needs, preferences and interests.

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Group charter flights


Chartered Flights for Groups

We can guarantee seamless management of charter flights for groups of 10 to over 200 people. For decades, our team of private jet & charter flight specialists have worked with corporate groups, sports teams, schools and government bodies.

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Givernment Charter Flights


Government & Defence Air Charter

At Adagold Aviation, we have provided charter flight services to local and state governments as well as to departments of the Commonwealth of Australia. We are experts when it comes to private jet & charter flights for complex and sensitive matters.

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celebrity vip private jet hire


Private Jets for VIPS & Celebrities

We have over 30 years of experience in a private jet rental for celebrities, musicians, entertainment groups and special events. We can coordinate with your tour and entourage, offer specialist equipment handling and provide the utmost level of discretion and privacy.

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Private Jets for Hire

Charter Flight Aircraft

king air 200 private jet alternative

Beechcraft King Air 200

Seats 12

Range 3,186km


Beechcraft King Air Specifications
Phenom 300 Private Jet


Seats 10

Range 3,500km


EMBRAER PHENOM 300E Specifications

Dassault Falcon 900

Seats 14

Range 8,335km


Dassault Falcon 900 Specifications

Airbus A320

Seats 180

Range 6,200km


Airbus A320 Specifications