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The Beechcraft King Air 200 is a twin-engine turboprop aircraft renowned for its versatility, performance and reliability. Seating up to eleven passengers, the King Air 200 offers impressive range, speed and payload for a private charter aircraft in its class. Since its first flight in 1974, over 2,000 King Air 200 series aircraft have been delivered to customers around the globe.

Powered by two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-41 engines, the King Air 200 cruises at over 278 knots (515 km/h) and a range of over 1,500 nautical miles (2,778 km). The spacious, reconfigurable cabin provides ample head and legroom for all passengers. Advanced avionics and autopilot systems reduce pilot workload and ensure a smooth flight experience.

For private charter, the King Air 200 delivers an ideal combination of cabin comfort, performance and operational economy. Whether for business or leisure travel, the King Air 200 offers a first-class experience with the flexibility and convenience of a private jet at a fraction of the cost. An industry workhorse, the venerable King Air 200 continues to set the standard for twin-engine turboprop aircraft.

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Beechcraft King Air 200 Interior

Beechcraft King Air 200 Charter Plane

The Beechcraft King Air 200 is a twin-engine turboprop aircraft ideal for private charter. With a spacious cabin and long range, the King Air 200 provides an efficient and luxurious way to travel.

The King Air 200 has a maximum cruising speed of 278 knots (515 km/h) and a range of over 1,500 nautical miles (2,778 km). It can reach an altitude of 35,000 feet, allowing it to fly above most weather disturbances. The aircraft is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42 turboprop engines, each producing 850 shaft horsepower.

The cabin provides comfortable seating for up to 11 passengers. The aircraft also features a pressurised cabin, allowing it to maintain a comfortable 6,000-foot cabin altitude at its maximum operating altitude.

Operating costs for the King Air 200 are lower than most light jets, making it an affordable alternative to a private jet hire. However, it still provides many of the benefits of a private jet charter flight, such as flexible scheduling, customised catering, and access to smaller regional airports.

With its combination of range, speed, comfort and lower operating costs, the Beechcraft King Air 200 is an excellent choice for regional business travel and leisure charters. For private charter, the King Air 200 offers an experience comparable to a light jet but at a lower price point. It provides an efficient, and flexible way to travel without the hassle of commercial flying.

This charter plane is excellent for any regional or remote charter flights for (but not limited to) the following clients:


Medical professionals
Business and corporate executives
VIP and celebrities

Chartered Flights: Capabilities

The Beechcraft King Air 200 aircraft is a twin-engine turboprop business aircraft renowned for its capabilities and performance. With a maximum range of over 1,500 nautical miles (2,778 km), the King Air 200 can comfortably fly long distances. Its powerful engines allow it to reach a maximum cruise speed of 515 km/h and ascend to altitudes up to 35,000 feet. These specifications make it suitable for short to medium haul, regional business travel.

The aircraft’s large cabin can seat up to 11 passengers in a spacious, pressurised environment. In terms of handling and manoeuvrability, the King Air 200 is highly capable. It has a maximum payload of 1,100 kgs of cargo and can land on runways as short as about 900 metres. The aircraft is also approved for single-pilot operation.

With impressive performance, range, and cabin comforts, a charter flight on the Beechcraft King Air 200 is an excellent option for regional business travel and private charter flights. This aircraft combines the luxury of a private jet with the economy and efficiency of a turboprop, making it an attractive and capable charter choice.


Wingspan and Length

The Beechcraft King Air 200 has a wingspan of 16.6 metres and a length of 13.1 metres. Its large wingspan provides extra lift and stability during flight, while its length offers spacious seating for up to 11 passengers and ample room for baggage and cargo storage.

Maximum Takeoff Weight

The maximum takeoff weight of the King Air 200 is 5,670 kilograms. This includes the empty weight of the aircraft, passengers, baggage, fuel, and cargo. The powerful engines provide enough thrust to get the aircraft off the ground and up to cruising altitude even when loaded to maximum takeoff weight.

Range and Speed

The King Air 200 has an impressive range of over 1,500 nautical miles (2,778 km). It can travel long distances without needing to refuel, allowing it to reach destinations across countries or continents. The aircraft also has a maximum cruise speed of 502 kilometres per hour, so it can get passengers and cargo to their destinations quickly.


The King Air 200 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42 turboprop engines. Each engine produces 850 shaft horsepower, providing a total of 1,700 shaft horsepower. The turboprop engines are very reliable and fuel-efficient, giving the King Air 200 its performance and range.


The King Air 200 cockpit features advanced avionics for navigation and safety. It includes systems such as a weather radar, autopilot, GPS navigation, and traffic collision avoidance system. The aircraft can also be equipped with additional options like a terrain awareness warning system, flight data recorder, and satellite phone. The avionics provide pilots with enhanced situational awareness and help ensure safe flight operations.

The Beechcraft King Air 200 is a high-performance aircraft well-suited for private air charter and corporate travel. Its spacious cabin, long range, and powerful engines allow it to quickly and comfortably transport passengers over long distances. Advanced avionics provide additional safety and situational awareness for pilots. The King Air 200 offers an exceptional experience for private air travel.

King Air the private jet alternative
Beechcraft King Air 200 Interior

Cabin Features and Passenger Comfort

The Beechcraft King Air 200 aircraft features a spacious, well-appointed cabin designed for passenger comfort. Its interior configuration typically seats up to 11 passengers.

Cabin Dimensions

The King Air 200 has a cabin length of over 4.5 metres long, 1.3 metres high and 1.3 metres wide. This provides ample headroom and legroom for most passengers. The oval shape of the fuselage and large windows create an open, airy feel.

Baggage Space

The King Air 200 has ample space for baggage and cargo. The baggage compartment behind the cabin provides up to 3.4 cubic metres of storage and can hold up to 453 kilograms. The baggage door measures 68cms wide x 130cm high, or 130cms wide x 130cms high for the barn door models, allowing for easy loading and unloading of most luggage and gear.

With its spacious, well-appointed cabin and premium amenities, the Beechcraft King Air 200 provides a high level of comfort for private charter passengers. The aircraft’s generous headroom, legroom, and baggage capacity make it suitable for short to mid-range flights.

Safety Record and Reliability

The Beechcraft King Air 200 has an excellent safety record and is known for its reliability.

Robust Design

The King Air 200 is built to rigorous standards to ensure maximum durability and dependability. Its airframe is constructed from aluminium alloy, with fail-safe design principles incorporated throughout. The aircraft has a reputation for being able to operate in a wide range of weather conditions and environments.

Redundant Systems

The King Air 200 features duplicate and triplicate critical systems, including hydraulic, electrical, and vacuum systems. This means that if one component fails, the backup systems will immediately take over to ensure continued safe operation. The aircraft is equipped with dual engines, dual generators, dual batteries, and dual alternators.

Regular Maintenance

To uphold its reputation for safety and reliability, the King Air 200 requires frequent maintenance and inspections. Operators follow a strict maintenance schedule to detect any issues early and perform necessary repairs or replacements. The engines, in particular, require regular servicing and oil changes to keep them running efficiently. Many owners enrol their aircraft in engine trend monitoring programmes to closely track engine health and performance.

Strong Safety Record

The King Air 200 has compiled an admirable safety record over its 40+ years in operation. While no aircraft can achieve a perfect safety record, the King Air 200 is considered one of the safest aircraft in its class. Proper maintenance, skilled pilots, and conservative operating procedures all contribute to the aircraft’s strong safety performance.

The King Air 200’s robust and redundant design, strict maintenance protocols, and proven track record make it a very safe and dependable aircraft for both private and charter use. Its reputation for reliability gives passengers confidence in the aircraft and peace of mind during flight. For many operators and owners, the King Air 200’s safety and dependability are two of its most appealing attributes.

How Much Does It Cost to Charter a King Air 200?

The cost to charter a King Air 200 depends on several factors, including the aircraft model, features, and current market rates. The average price to charter a King Air 200 in Australia is around $3,000 ex. GST per flight hour. The total cost will also depend on additional fees like airport fees, and any ground handling services.

Aircraft Models and Features

The King Air 200 comes in three models: the King Air 200, B200, and B200GT. The base model 200 is the most affordable, while the B200GT is the most luxurious option. Key features that can impact charter rates include:

Cabin seating – The King Air 200 seats up to 9 passengers, the B200 seats up to 11, and the B200GT seats up to 13. More seating means higher costs to operate and charter the aircraft.

Range – The B200GT has the longest range at over 2,000 nautical miles, allowing it to fly longer distances without refuelling. Longer range aircraft typically command higher charter rates.

Age – Newer model years are usually more expensive to charter compared to older aircraft. King Air 200s that entered service in the 1970s and 1980s will be more budget-friendly than those from the 2000s and 2010s.

Other Cost Considerations

Other factors that determine the total cost of chartering a King Air 200 include:

Fuel costs – Charter companies pass on the cost of fuel to operate the aircraft. Fuel surcharges may apply.

Airport and landing fees – Fees for using private terminals and runways at airports along the route will be included in the total charter cost.

Catering – Any catered meals, snacks or beverages provided on board will incur additional charges.

Ground transportation – If limousines or shuttle services are used to transport passengers to and from the airport, the fees for these services will be added to the final charter bill.


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Beechcraft King Air 200 Interior

King Air 200 FAQs: What You Need to Know Before Booking

What is the range of the King Air 200?

The Beechcraft King Air 200 has an impressive range of over 1,500 nautical miles (2,778 km). Its twin turboprop engines give it the power and efficiency to travel long distances while still being able to use smaller regional airports. The aircraft can typically fly for over 5 hours non stop at a normal cruising speed of up to 278 knots. With additional fuel tanks, the range can be extended up to 2,692 nautical miles. This makes the King Air 200 ideal for both domestic and short international flights.

How fast can the King Air 200 fly?

The King Air 200 can reach a maximum cruise speed of 315 knots or 582 kilometres per hour. Its twin turboprop engines provide it with power and performance for efficient travel. While not as fast as a jet, the King Air 200 is still able to achieve respectable speeds for a private aircraft. The plane can also land and take off from short runways, with the ability to reach 35,000 feet in under 30 minutes. This combination of speed and short field performance is what gives the King Air 200 its renowned versatility.

How much does it cost to charter a King Air 200?

Charter rates for the King Air 200 in Australia tend to be around $3,000 per flight hour ex. GST. The King Air 200 typically seats 11 passengers, so charter costs can be shared among a group. Additional fees may apply for amenities like in-flight catering, ground transportation, or overnight trips. Simply get in touch with us and we will provide you with an accurate price that suits your needs.

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