4 Ways to Make up for the Incentive Travel your Employees are Missing Out On

22 Sep, 2020 | News

With travel restrictions in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s much more challenging to offer your best employees and top earners incentive travel. Difficult, but not impossible. There are a few alternative options out there that can make up for the lack of travel and for Queensland corporations, a world-class holiday for your employees still isn’t out of the equation.

Here’s why it’s important that you still reward your staff

Everyone is doing it pretty tough right now, so it’s crucial that your employees who have earned incentives still have something to look forward to. Stress and anxiety levels have been higher than usual, and the chances are that the mental health of your team has been affected in some way or another during these unprecedented times. Maintaining work incentives or introducing new ones is crucial when it comes to boosting employee morale and motivation. Below are a few of the best ways that you can still reward staff:

A Bonus

Indeed, our economy is currently unstable, but in fact, this is a reason to offer bonuses rather than withhold them. Employees who have helped to maintain a steady stream of revenue for your business throughout the COVID-19 pandemic are the people you want on your side. Were these people not so dedicated and skilled your business likely would have ended up taking a more significant financial hit during COVID. Perhaps consider offering your employees a bonus to make sure they feel valued; otherwise, you could end up losing employees who are essential to the success of your corporation.

Increased Holiday Days

This is a great way to reward staff, and it technically doesn’t cost your business any extra money. For those staff members who’ve been hitting performance goals or KPIs throughout COVID, you can offer an additional day or two of paid leave. This is an excellent way for employees to have a little bit of time off to destress and relax, which in the long run will also be beneficial for their performance and efficiency within your business.

A Break from the City

While incentive travel in its normal form isn’t possible right now, you can still fund a weekend escape for your team as an incentive. An opportunity to get away from the city could be exactly what they need, and it’ll be an excellent chance for your employees to bond. Queensland has so much to offer when it comes to coastal breaks and hinterland retreats so there are still options out there that’ll give everyone a change of scenery.

A World-Class Travel Destination that ISN’T Off Limits…

Hayman Island in the Whitsundays is a luxury resort that’s highly renowned all over the world. It truly is like a slice of paradise with its sub-tropical climate, white sands and turquoise blue seas. And the best part is that it’s open for business and entirely accessible for Queenslanders as well as Australians from a few other states. Why not send your top employees to the stunning Whitsundays located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef? It’s a destination spectacular enough to rival any international incentive travel destination.

What’s even better is that Hayman Island InterContinental have some fantastic special offers available for groups right now. Find out more in our latest article explaining why Hayman Island is an Incentive, Travel Haven. At Adagold Aviation, we can organise private air charter for you and your team, arrange your entire travel schedule and make sure that every step along the way is safe with necessary COVID-precautionary measures to protect the health of your employees.

At Adagold, we’re supporting Queensland tourism. To enquire about booking an incentive travel trip to Hayman Island or any other Queensland destination, get in touch with one of our travel and air charter experts today!

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