5 Ways To Improve Your Boss’ Travel Experience

10 Oct, 2019 | News

Flight delays, missed trains, hotel booking mishaps and dietary requirement misunderstandings are all issues that can hamper your boss’ travel experience.

And these occurrences are especially detrimental because it’s a well-known fact that business trips need to run smoothly. You, as the secretary or administrative assistant, are responsible for ensuring strict punctuality and a smooth schedule, which can be a challenging task! In this article, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips on how you can improve your boss’ business travel experience and avoid these disastrous setbacks. Making business trips more enjoyable for the boss, and less stressful for you, is the ultimate win-win!

1. Organise A Private Jet Charter

There are so many benefits of using a private jet for business travel. And many of these advantages easily outstrip booking business class with a commercial airline. Firstly, private air charter companies have much more control over punctuality. Your boss’ travel itinerary won’t be restricted to commercial airline timetables. You can decide when the jet departs to make the best use of your boss’ time and to ensure that they’re on schedule for meetings and conferences at their destination.

Secondly, you can request a private jet to cater to your boss’ specific needs. If they want to work while on board, a private jet charter can provide a quiet space with a desk, where they also have access to wifi and phone calls. If they wish to conduct a meeting, a communal area can be arranged to cater to several colleagues. A charter manager can also be organised to make sure everything runs smoothly up in the air. With corporate jet charter, there’s no stopovers, no queues and no fuss.

2. Skip The Queues

Time is money, and your boss doesn’t want to be stuck in lengthy security and boarding queues. These waiting periods can be better spent making phone calls, checking emails, working on proposals or going over conference material. So make sure you’ve booked with an airline that offers priority security screening and priority boarding. If your boss travels a lot, signing up to a frequent flyer system or executive club could be beneficial. This way, they have access to private lounges at the airport, where they can work undisturbed while they wait for their flight to board.

3. Keep Food Allergies In Mind

If your boss has particular food allergies or preferences, be sure to do a little research on the restaurants around the area where they are staying. Put together a list of highly rated restaurants for personal meals and dinners with other executives. TripAdvisor is a great resource for checking out restaurant reviews. If your boss likes to have everything planned out, you may even wish to book a table ahead of time and explain their allergens to staff so that everything is pre-arranged.

If your boss needs to be in several places in the one day and is spending a lot of time in the air, it may be necessary for them to have meals during their flight. Make their meal something a little special by organising a gourmet meal prepared by a personal chef, if they are travelling via private jet charter. There’s nothing like a favourite meal cooked fresh after a long day of back-to-back meetings!

4. Know who to contact in case of last minute changes

Sometimes bad weather or emergencies can shut down airports, preventing travel. In these cases, it’s best to have a list of contacts so that you can immediately rebook a flight for your boss. It is useful to know someone on the inside of airline companies who can find you the best deal, not just the customer support line.

Similarly, the director may wish to make last minute changes to their itinerary to catch another day at the conference or squeeze in one more meeting before returning home. In these cases, booking flights with a flexible travel company is invaluable. You may not get a refund for a missed flight with a commercial airline, but corporate jet charter providers can be accommodating of these arrangements. Just make sure that whoever you deal with offers 24/7, personal charter support. There’s nothing worse than being placed on hold for hours trying to sort out a last-minute flight.

5. Make all travel documents easily accessible

Long business trips can generate a massive paper trail of hotel bookings, flight numbers, appointment timetables and train tickets. You need to ensure that your boss can find all the essential information without any hassles. Discovering the best way to keep all travel documents in one easily accessible place is essential to a smooth trip. Try keeping copies of all transport tickets, bookings and references labelled in clearly marked folders in Google Drive, and then downloading the folder offline before the trip. This way, should your boss misplace their phone, they can still log in to the Drive on a different device and retrieve the information. Having access offline is also vital if they experience patchy mobile service or are not near a wifi point. If your boss likes to kick it old school, you could even print paper copies of all booking references and place it in a plastic sleeve in their briefcase.

Adagold Aviation knows how to make business travel a breeze by offering international and domestic corporate jet charter. Our private air charter services can even include personal ground transport to and from events and conferences. Make your boss’ journey a smooth one by arranging a private jet for their next business trip. Contact us today for a quote.

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