6 Reasons Why You Should Fly Private Instead of First Class

29 Jan, 2021 | Adagold Luxe, News

There are a plethora of options available to us when it comes to air travel. Sure, first class is great. The extra space is appreciated, the improved dining a plus and the inflight entertainment is certainly taken up a notch. But compared to the infinite benefits to be enjoyed when you fly via private jet, the latter takes the cake. Read on to discover why you should fly private instead of first class.

Travel On Your Time

When flying private, you travel on your time. If you’re running late or early, all you need to do is call ahead and notify our crew. Flying private means the flight takes off when you are ready.

Plus, you’ll save time (and unnecessary stress) by avoiding the arduous queues commonplace in airports at the drop off, check in, security, gate, toilets… the list goes on.

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Since the pandemic, commercial air travel has become even more unreliable and uncertain. When you choose to fly private, you can rest assured your flight won’t be cancelled at the last minute. 

Comfort and Luxury

Of course, first class is a distinct step above your standard flight experience. But, opting to fly private offers substantially greater comfort. Guests on private charter can tailor the amenities and size of their jet to suit their needs. The beautiful seating offers superior comfort and ample space; more closely resembling a deluxe living room rather than an aeroplane. 

Guests are free to stretch their legs and move from one seat to the next throughout the flight. On top of our private jets’ luxe amenities, passengers can expect unmatched service when they fly private with Adagold. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a comfortable and superior flight experience for our guests. 

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Flying private offers far more flexibility than commercial airlines. While commercial airlines are restricted to land in larger airports, private jets can land in smaller airports. This means travellers can fly direct to their destination instead of organising further transport after their flight. 

Plus, at Adagold, we know itineraries can change at any moment, either before or during your flight in urgent cases. Flying private means unexpected changes can be worked around. Knowing this option is available significantly reduces stress for our private charter guests.  

Personalised Flight Experience

Beyond convenience and added comfort, travelling via private jet comes with luxury perks you can’t experience in a commercial first class flight. Perhaps you’re after a unique, customised catering experience. Or you may be celebrating a special occasion, and request your plane be decorated appropriately. On top of these perks, you get to celebrate your travel time by just spending it with those close to you; not with strangers. 

Unmatched Privacy 

Guests on private charter are treated with unmatched privacy and enhanced peace of mind. 

Plus, they enjoy significantly enhanced productivity; which far outweighs the extra cost of flying private instead of first class. Passengers can hold confidential business meetings, have private conversations, host video conferences from inside the plane and even hold presentations. 

private jet business meeting

Make The Most of Your Time

Investing in flying private is the key to making the most of your valuable time. Enjoying a luxe flight experience prioritises your comfort and happiness. The joys of flying private makes the journey just as special as your destination. 

Plus, the time gained and productivity achieved means our private charter guests can enjoy more time at home with their loved ones. Also, they experience significantly reduced stress, a common issue with commercial air travel. While flying first class makes air travel bearable, choosing to fly private makes air travel an undeniably joyful experience.  

At Adagold Aviation, we curate bespoke travel experiences tailored to suit your desires for the exceptional. With Adagold Luxe, your aircraft charter is managed by Australia’s leading aircraft charter management company, who have managed flights for Royalty, Heads-of-State, VIPs, Prime Ministers and Presidents. We understand luxury and have the expertise to deliver the standards you demand. Be sure to contact us to find out more.

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Want More Information?

Our Charter Experts Are Here To Help.