9 Reasons Why Private Jets Are Worth It

24 Oct, 2022 | News

There’s no question that private jet charter is the ultimate way to travel if you value efficiency, time and comfort. But, there are a few little benefits that tend to go unnoticed which still have a big impact on the experience. Check out our roundup of 9 reasons why private jet charter is worth it!

The Best Dining View You’ll Ever Have

It’s mystical… that’s the best way to describe dining during a private jet charter. The low hum of the engines. The endless views of blue and the world miles beneath you. Trust us; you have to see it to really get what we mean. Private jet charters allow for a dining experience second to none. Most private jets offer a catering service where you can wine and dine in a way very few can rival.

Private jet kitchens are known to produce meals of Michelin quality, however, due to space constraints, the menus tend to be reduced. That just means quality is valued over quantity. For shorter flights, you can enjoy light meals like fresh sashimi, charcuterie, sandwiches or anything else that tickles your fancy and for longer flights, the sky’s the limit!

Of course, if you have a clear vision of what you’d like to dine on during your charter flight, you can let your Adagold charter specialist know beforehand, and they will arrange for the meal to be prepared. No matter what you choose, the catering team will be delighted to provide you with a culinary experience to remember.

24/7 Service

A private jet charter can be organised for you at any time, anywhere. Opting to organise your trip via a private charter flight specialist gives you full flexibility, even outside of business hours. There’s no such thing as ‘last flight’ in the private industry. Within a few hours, Adagold Aviation can get an aircraft mobilised no matter how late or early it is.

Transport Even When You’re Off The Aircraft

All your travel requirements will be met when you travel with a private jet charter specialist. Even after you land, your broker can organise ground transportation and even sort accommodation for you at every step of the journey.

No matter if you’re planning a multi-stop business trip or need a helicopter drop-off to your tropical resort, Adagold Aviation can plan for all your transport and accommodation needs. Our network of luxury transport companies means you can travel in style on land, air and sea.

Full Sized Beds

When it comes to overnight flights, the biggest complaint people tend to have on commercial airlines (even in first class) is the sleeping arrangements. Private jet charter flights can give you all the comfort of the bedroom in several aircraft options. From Boeings to Dassault Falcons and Embraers, you have the option to soar through the clouds while reclined in a king bed or other super cozy sleeping spots.

Depending on the size of the aircraft, you may also be able to retreat to a private stateroom or bedroom. Some bedrooms are made for individuals or couples, while some extra-large options can accommodate a few people at once. If you want to ensure you have a restful trip, a full-sized bed can make travel feel like just another night at the hotel.

Pets Can Fly With You

When you charter a private jet or other aircraft, your pets can be by your side, not stowed away elsewhere. If you or your pup are known to experience flight stress, having a companion is a great way to calm each other down for the trip. Otherwise, it’s just an overall enjoyable experience to share with your furry friend.

Sip On Your Own Beverages

If you have a favourite bottle of sparkling or scotch, feel free to enjoy it during your private charter. There’s no need to sneak booze onto a private jet, as it’s completely legal to do so as long as the flight staff serves it. Most private jet staff just ask that you don’t bring red wines or any spirits that could create stains if spilled. If you choose to enjoy your own alcoholic beverage, just make sure to flag it with your charter specialist so they can make any necessary arrangements.

Easier To Transport Interesting Goods

Do you travel with bulky, large, or oddly shaped items? Private charter flights allow you much more freedom in the way of baggage restrictions. That can be a huge relief for people who travel with lots of gear or large items like musical instruments, sports equipment, hobby gear or collector’s items. Private jet charters can accommodate these needs easily, without having to tack on additional fees.

A Valuable Moment To Reflect

It’s incredibly serene, soaring thousands of miles above the earth. As funny as it may sound, the experience is grounding as you look out over the infinite blue. If you’re flying alone, there’s no better time to reflect and meditate. It may be a long time until you’re that isolated from the bustle of the world again.


Simply pick up the phone and speak to one of our Air Charter Specialists. We are more than happy to have a chat with you if you have questions or want a cost estimate. Alternatively, if you’re ready to book your private jet hire, the entire journey can also be organised in one phone call. We will simply ask you questions in order to gather a detailed brief on your journey and ensure everything is perfectly suited to your requirements and schedule.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services at Adagold Aviation and how we can help you, get in touch with us today!

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Want More Information?

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