A Roundup of Aviation “Good News Stories”

23 Apr, 2020 | News

With the travel industry facing such uncertain times, it’s important, now more than ever, to highlight the amazing work being done by those working in aviation and shed a positive light on the situation. Right now, pilots, airline staff, cargo handlers, crew, ground staff and the entire aviation industry are pulling together to ensure that people receive much-needed transport, aid, medical supplies and food. During tough times like these, we feel inspired by the strength and compassion that we see in the global aviation community. Read our roundup of good news stories below:

The World’s Longest Domestic Flight has been Recorded

On the 14th of March, the French airline Air Tahiti Nui broke the record for the longest domestic flight in the world by flying directly from Tahiti, French Polynesia to Paris, France.

This is a frequent route for the airline but the journey usually includes a stop in Los Angeles for refuelling, deplaning and passenger pick up. The regular stop, however, was not possible due to the fact that when a plane stops over in the US, all passengers must alight and go through the US Customs and Border, a process which is not possible with the current international travel restrictions.

A spokesperson for Air Tahiti Nui has stated that “This flight was operated on an exceptional basis and within the constraints imposed by the American authorities in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic… but it’s not destined to be perpetuated”.

Germany Flies 42,000 Citizens Home

The German government is making a huge effort to make sure any of their citizens who are stranded abroad, are returned home safely and quickly. In fact, they are carrying out the biggest repatriation effort ever to be seen outside of a war.

Within two weeks, Germany had flown over 40,000 travellers home from 60 countries around the globe on over 160 flights. This is an amazing example of how entire nations and the aviation industry can really come together in times of crisis in order to overcome adversity.

Virgin Australia Staff go into Full Tina Turner Mode

The Tina Turner hit ‘Nutbush City Limits’ is a beloved anthem across Australia, and some Aussies have even been doing the familiar old dance routine since primary school. Well, the Virgin Australia staff at Sydney Airport decided to spread some positivity and prove that you can “still have fun while practicing social distancing” flash mob style!

IATA says, “We may be Grounded but Hope is in the Air”

The International Air Transport Association released this beautiful video, encouraging people to stay strong during these tough times and remember that “We will fly again”.

YouTube video

The video obviously left its mark on people as it led to an outpouring of positive messages and inspirational stories using the hashtag #WeAreAviation on social media. We love to see such strong displays of solidarity and resilience during these challenging times.

Frequent Flyer Status Extension

Major airlines like Qantas, Delta and British Airways are extending the status of frequent fliers so that travellers can keep the benefits that they have currently earned. This will be particularly useful for fliers whose rewards or status was about to expire and couldn’t be retained due to the current travelling restrictions.

So while we’re currently unable to fly right now, this is a silver lining as well as a gracious move on behalf of the airlines to ensure that those who love to travel and fly, can return in full force when the tourism industry is open for ‘business as usual’ again.

At Adagold Aviation, we are currently dedicating all of our time to supporting our clients alongside ongoing transportation efforts from freight forwarding and humanitarian aid to delivering medical supplies and servicing remote communities around Australia. To learn more about our services and what we do at Adagold, get in touch with us today.

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