Adagold Aviation Charters Help White On Whitehaven Soar To New Heights

21 Jul, 2021 | Adagold Luxe, News

The annual White on Whitehaven lunch event celebrates all things food, wine and the natural wonder of Australia’s most beautiful beach: Whitehaven. Guests journeying to this slice of paradise come dressed in white to reflect the beautiful white sand of Whitehaven beach. Soon enough, guests can sit down and tuck into a feast of seafood – with a side of free-flow wine, beers and French Laurenti champagne… to be enjoyed for hours on end.

The 2021 White on Whitehaven (WOW) Long Lunch event took place on the 29th of May and was another marvellous success. At Adagold Aviation, we could not be more proud to have been a part of this memorable occasion.

Adagold Charter Flights To White On Whitehaven

Adagold Aviation flew not one but 2 Fokker aircraft to the Whitsundays for the White on Whitehaven Long Lunch by Fish D’Vine.

Initially, our team was approached by Kevin Collins, owner of Fish D’Vine, to assist in flying one aircraft up to his iconic WOW lunch. Adagold Aviation worked closely with Kevin Collins, Whitehaven Events Co and the team at Tourism Whitsundays to create an iconic, memorable three-day itinerary. We sent this to market via trusted travel agents Nicole Beasley Travel and Agenxy Global. The result was nothing short of incredible.

Over 150 guests took advantage of the unique package we curated. This package included a VIP welcome at the Whitsunday Coast Airport, complete with a water cannon arrival for that extra special touch.

The Adagold Aviation Journey

Adagold Aviation’s lucky guests were greeted on board the flight with custom gift bags and luxury French Champagne from the House of Laurenti. Our pilot made a special, planned detour for our guests – flying the aircraft over Whitehaven beach to give our guests a sneak peek of what was to come. Witnessing this iconic beach from the air was a magical experience for our guests to remember.

Arriving at the Whitsundays

Once our guests disembarked, they were presented with beautiful designer hats created by Brisbane designer Tracey Watkins from White Label Noba and flower leis to set the scene for their tropical holiday. Soon after, it was time for our guests to tuck into our mouthwatering formal welcome morning tea.

Adagold Aviation also organised a fabulous welcome cocktail event that night at Mirage Resort. This evening event was the perfect entree for the main course the next day; the White on Whitehaven Long Lunch by Fish D’vine.

We planned a recovery lunch the next day on the jetty at Coral Sea Resort for our guests to wind down from the incredible WOW lunch. It was the perfect relaxed Sunday afternoon by the sea.

Adagold’s Expertise

Adagold Aviation’s management of the White on Whitehaven weekend proved to be a seamless, successful endeavour. Our team secured good terms that allowed the charter flights to progress smoothly. With our skilled team’s experience in complex charter management, we afforded our guests’ and our partners’ peace of mind throughout the entire process.

We assisted our client in selecting the perfect aircraft, considering availability, location, pricing, crewing and COVID requirements. For this particular experience, the chosen aircraft was the Fokker 100 and the Fokker 70. These aircraft afforded us the flexibility in case the guest list grew. These aircraft were also a great choice as they were readily available in the region and did not require a location change. This kept the price within the best range for the client.

Adagold Aviation’s team had the capacity to manage the complex luggage requirements that come with chartering large equipment. Our aircraft had plenty of room to transport band equipment, plus the Queensland Weekender crew and all their filming gear.

We also chartered high profile event attendees, including the WOW host – Matty J, from the fifth season of The Bachelor.

Sam and Rachel Thaiday were also on board as ambassadors for the event.

Here’s what our client Kevin Collins had to say about his seamless experience with Adagold Aviation.

“I used Adagold to charter two flights from Brisbane to the Whitsundays for 150 guests attending our White on Whitehaven long lunch. Seamless, professional, and went the extra mile at every juncture. Every touchpoint made it such a better experience for our guests than a standard commercial flight. We will use the firm again, many, many times. Such a better experience having a private charter for corporate and incentive travel and cost-competitive but without the grief. Five stars!!

There was another benefit to using charter in the turbulent COVID times – there was the opportunity to move the dates of the flights if an unexpected outbreak occurred without the stress of dealing with multiple commercial cancellations. It also kept the guests in their own bubble/group, and we were able to arrange seating to allow more space as required.”

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend that our guests would remember for a lifetime. Looking back on the success of this year’s WOW weekend, we cannot wait for next year’s. If you need assistance with corporate, incentive or large group holiday charter, you can trust Adagold Aviation will manage your travel seamlessly from start to finish. Be sure to get in touch with our expert charter team today to enquire about our charter services.

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