Adagold Aviation Transports 2,898 Passengers In Support of The 2022 Federal Election

27 Oct, 2022 | News

Adagold Aviation has had a reputation for transporting government officials for 30 years now, and our team is proud of the contributions we’ve made to local, state and federal government elections to date. Whether it’s an urgent charter for an official or a group flight to transport a whole team across the country, we’re here to help. Continue reading to learn how we provided our expertise and services during the 2022 federal election.

Adagold Aviation Transports 2,898 Passengers in Support of The 2022 Federal Election

The Situation

Adagold Aviation’s team had the monumental task of planning an extensive program of flying for the 2022 Federal Election. After this rigorous process, the campaign began on the 10th of April for a 21st of May Election Date. Not without its challenges, Adagold’s team were required to work with extremely strict timeframes and recurrent changes to operations. This meant that there was a need for ongoing support on the ground and continuous amendments to the plan as the events unfolded.

The Solution

Adagold’s team arranged for two Fokker F70 jet airliners, fitted with 12 business class seats and 62 economy seats on a full-time basis for the campaign duration, in order to support the media and campaign staff that were accompanying the two Prime Ministerial candidates. Adagold’s 24/7 operations were able to facilitate the aforementioned requirements with no impact on the campaigns or goals of each party.

The Outcome

Overall, Adagold Aviation moved 2,898 passengers on 101 sectors over a six-week period. This could only have been possible thanks to the relevant stakeholders and the meticulous work ethic that Adagold’s employees provided.

This achievement coincided with Adagold Aviation’s 30th year in support of the Australian Government and Adagold’s 30th Anniversary in the Australian Aviation Industry.

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