Adagold Helps West Asia Seafarers Repatriate With Family

12 Aug, 2021 | News

Wherever you are, Adagold Aviation can get you home. Our professional charter flight services have helped in the extraction and repatriation of hundreds of Australians and international people alike.

We value our rapid response times and can always provide you with urgent transfers while following COVID-19 and Government compliances. If you require fast and safe international travel, Adagold will oversee your whole journey, and in some cases, we can dispatch your charter flight within the hour.

Read on to see how our team expertly organised this West Asia Repatriation Flight.

Adagold Navigates Tricky COVID-19 Travel Laws To Get Seafarers Back To Their Families 

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A new client contacted the Adagold team on a Monday from West Asia, looking to urgently transfer 3 international seafarers on Wednesday morning in the same week. The seafarers were on a vessel in a northern WA port and needed a repatriation flight to Perth to board an international flight to their home.

Within 12 minutes, the client was furnished with a full proposal outlining an expansive list of details and options, including a facility to transact in two currencies for the client’s convenience. The client promptly accepted the proposal, and Adagold facilitated the transfer process, including coordination of regulatory authorities and transport providers.

Come Wednesday, the seafarers were safely transported in record time and were met by Western Australia police on arrival in Perth for transport to their hotel quarantine locations. They were transferred to an international flight days later to be repatriated with their families overseas.

Adagold acts swiftly when time matters to you. Our attention to detail, responsiveness and utter commitment to our clients is unrivalled in the Private Jet Charter Flight Industry. Your destination is our priority, and we’ll help you get there efficiently and with true Australian kindness at each step of the way.

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Seafarers Still Feeling The Brunt Of COVID-19

International travel is still a complicated and restricted affair, even for those whose occupation is tied to the process. Dockworkers and seafarers are some of these impacted professions. WA restrictions are some of the most stringent in the country. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of dockworkers and seafarers unable to return to their homes reached the 400,000s. Many are still stuck at sea or struggling to return home because of complex global travel regulations. Back then, one of the few ways to travel and least complicated methods was via private charter. Now people continue to utilise the convenience of private jet charter to return home or head out to work. Adagold Aviation was there to help international workers at their lowest moment so they could reunite with loved ones. We continue to assist people who need rapid response times and urgent repatriation or travel.

If You Need A Speedy Charter Flight, Contact Adagold

Our 24/7 operations at Adagold Aviation allow us to respond to charter flight requests quickly; in some cases within the hour. This West Asia Repatriation flight was just one of many examples involving Adagold helping people cross countries to reunite with their families.

We can provide repatriation flights and urgent national or international transport. Our capable, professional team will handle your charter from start to finish, ensuring that every touchpoint works perfectly within your itinerary and additional requirements. Our robust experience has shown time and time again that Adagold Aviation has the skills, knowledge and confidence to handle even the most complex air charter tasks. If you require repatriation, be sure to contact the Adagold Aviation team today.

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Want More Information?

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