Air Charter Makes Perfect Business Sense

15 Apr, 2014 | Adagold Aviation, News

Why air charter makes perfect business sense?

In today’s economic climate, reducing costs and improving efficiency is on the forefront of the mind of every business leader.  Air charter may seem like a luxury for business, but in fact it can provide a cost effective method of transport compared to scheduled services.  It’s not just the upfront cost, it’s the valuable time of the Executives and making the most of their productive time on the ground and in the air.  Take for example a typical scenario of 8 senior Executives travelling from Brisbane to Sydney in business class on one of Australia’s domestic carriers for a board meeting, returning the same day.

Firstly, whoever is booking the business class seats is at the mercy of the booking system.  What if there aren’t 8 business class seats on the flights?  Which Executive misses out?  Flights can and do get cancelled or can be over-booked.

At the airport the Executives would have to deal with the early morning Brisbane terminal crowds, lining up for security, having to find a seat in the busy rush of the Business Lounge (rarely would they find 8 together if they want to have a decent discussion prior to the board meeting).  They would have to then again line up to get on the flight, wait for other passengers to board and of course be at the mercy of that missing passenger or “last piece of luggage”.  At the other end it all happens again when trying to get home. It can add a significant time to their travelling day. Not really the best way to prepare for a board meeting.

Consider if they had booked a charter flight with Adagold Aviation.  Their Charter Manager would have booked them on their own 8 seat private jet, complete with catering, a newspaper of their choice and the personalised service of a professional flight crew.  Of course, the flight departure would suit the exact time they need to arrive and depart, not when the airline dictates.  This means more time being productive rather than waiting in queues.

On arriving at Adagold Aviation’s Brisbane Jet Base, they sail through to the VIP lounge without the queues and fuss of the domestic terminal.  Pre-flight they can utilise the boardroom or relax in their own private VIP lounge.  Alternatively, they can arrive at the Jet Base only a short time before their flight.  They will then be invited to board their jet to depart at their nominated time and away to Sydney in the same flight time as a regular airliner.

On arrival in Sydney, the jet will progress to one of the private VIP terminals which Adagold Aviation will have arranged where the Executives can disembark and go straight to the prearranged transport and away to the city.  (Again, organised by Adagold Aviation)

Once the board meeting has concluded, the Executives can return to the VIP terminal, crack a bottle of Moet and wing their way back to Brisbane.  No queues, no fuss, no stress.

Sound expensive doesn’t it?  Well, what price would you put on ensuring your Executive team is productive and have a clear,relaxed mind for an important presentation or board meeting?  Based on a typical mid-week morning business class fare to Sydney and a mid-afternoon return to Brisbane, you can expect to pay between $12,500 – $13,000 for 8 passengers.  For a charter flight described above it’s between $12,000 – $15,000 depending on the type of aircraft.  Not a big difference in upfront costs but a massive difference in productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of an Executive group.

In today’s business world, it could be the difference that helps you win a major contract or secure finance for the major project you’ve been working towards.  It pays to charter.

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Want More Information?

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