Aircraft Charters for Conferences and Events

19 Jul, 2018 | Adagold Luxe, News, Travel and Tourism

Organising group travel for conferences and events can be an onerous task. Large groups require special logistical organisation and juggling various commercial flights with multiple arrival and departure times can really be a challenge.

With smaller incentive groups, investor tours or delegations, where making an impression is critical, having a smooth running, time efficient itinerary and your own assigned private jet, can make all the difference to the ultimate experience.

If you are organising an event where large, medium or small groups need to travel to the same destination or have multiple stops then it could be of use to look into a private jet charter option. The expert team at Adagold Aviation can quickly assist you by answering questions and helping to ascertain if a private jet charter is indeed a solution for you from a time, efficiency and budget perspective.

Aircraft to suit both large and small groups

When you enlist the assistance of an aircraft charter company such as Adagold Aviation, you’re investing in peace of mind, convenience and unparalleled bespoke services. A private jet charter service such as Adagold Aviation has access to a vast variety of aircraft, ranging from corporate jets and helicopters for smaller groups to wide-body aircraft for groups of 200+. We source the most appropriate aircraft considering the size of your group, the purpose of your trip, and any other individual needs you may specify.

Our clients appreciate that we offer a level of detail and service and ensure the right questions are asked to allow for true peace of mind.

We are simply good at what we do and that frees our clients up to be the best at what they do.

Aircraft Charters for Conferences and Events

Arrive on time, every time.

Commercial airlines offer great deals on flights but are lacking when it comes to personalised services. Many are also renowned for delays and cancellations, which can be extremely frustrating, especially when you have a tight schedule to follow. The risk of parts of your group being delayed for an important conference or event start time can be avoided when the group are travelling together on an assigned aircraft. Also many of our clients enjoy the fact that the time in the air becomes extra valuable time with colleagues to network and brainstorm.

By utilising a private jet charter company, you choose a timetable that suits you. There are no lengthy stopovers and you avoid hold-ups when passing through security and noisy waiting areas, as we can arrange for your group to be directed through private terminals.

Ground transport, sorted.

An aircraft charter company such as Adagold will also take care of your ground transport, should you require this service. Experience a flawless transition from the plane, to a waiting car, bus or helicopter, straight to your conference, event or hotel. Enjoy structured, thoroughly planned group transfer without the hassles as we track your progress and organise pick ups with precision ahead of you landing. You can sit back and relax knowing that everything has been taken care of for you.

An in-flight charter manager to see to all your needs.

Adagold will also provide you with an in-flight charter manager to accompany your flight and ensure everything runs smoothly. Whether your focus is on entertainment or business, we can arrange a variety of personalised in-flight refreshments and meeting facilities to accommodate your requirements. Private luxury jets are perfect for impressing conference keynote speakers or high-profile investors, while our corporate jets are optimised for making the best use of time during travel.

A few personal touches.

Our expert charter team ensure you have a highly qualified crew, an aircraft that meets the highest safety and compliance standards and that the aviation policies of your group or organisation are adhered to. Our on board charter manager will see to your group needs during the journey, and an experienced team of charter professionals will ensure that everything is organised before departure (and be on standby in case of additional requirements during your trip!). We love working with our corporate clients to incorporate conference, company or event branding into the headrest covers and napkins on board the aircraft! It’s the personal touches and dedication to excellent and reliable service that sets private jet charter apart from commercial airlines.

Contact Adagold Aviation today to arrange stress-free group transport to events and conferences via private jet charter.

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Want More Information?

Our Charter Experts Are Here To Help.