Australia’s Top Private Jet Adventure Experiences

15 Jul, 2019 | Adagold Luxe, News, Travel and Tourism

Australia’s landscape is vast and staggeringly diverse, which is what makes it the perfect country for an adventure! If you love the idea of getting lost in an adventure without the long trek to get to the good stuff, you need to try one of these private jet adventure experiences! 

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get the adrenaline pumping on your holiday, an Australian private jet adventure experience may be just what you’re looking for. But you don’t want to come home from your time away so exhausted by constant thrill-seeking that you find it hard to function. Achieving that sweet spot between diving off cliffs every other day and spending all your time lounging by the pool at the resort can be difficult. You need just the right balance of exhilaration and relaxation, which is why we’ve put together a shortlist of Australia’s top adventure experiences. We’ve focused on both immersive exploration and indulgent pampering in equal measure because, after all, who says adventure can’t have a lavish side?

Hiking the Tasmanian Overland Track

The Tasmanian Overland Track provides some of the best scenery Australia has to offer. From sweeping vistas to dense rainforest teeming with life, your hike will lead you through the heart of Tasmania from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair. Take a dip in secluded swimming holes, explore abandoned mines and discover ancient pencil pine forests. Undertake the six-day (or shortened four-day) journey on the Cradle Mountain Huts Walk and enjoy a freshly cooked meal, hot shower and comfortable bed at the end of each day. Their eco-huts are designed to offer a restful night’s sleep to keep you going and ensure an enjoyable experience. Small groups of like-minded hikers are lead by a guide offering invaluable knowledge of the region, it’s flora, fauna and history. Also, your guides will carry the heavy stuff, leaving you with a light pack and more energy to take in all of the fantastic views!

After your journey, why not recuperate at Saffire Freycinet? A secluded private oasis on the Freycinet Peninsula is the ultimate place to relax in the lap of luxury. Take in 360-degree views of the surrounding national park and beaches from the blissful comfort of your private villa. Treat yourself to five-star gastronomic experiences and rest those worn feet at an award-winning spa. The perfect way to end your Tasmanian escape!

Chasing big fish with your mates

What’s better than a holiday centred around fishing? Keen anglers will savour this opportunity for a private, fourteen-day fishing adventure with a couple of mates. Travel via private jet and boat, exploring Australia’s coast and casting lines in some of the country’s most abundant waters. You’ll have the opportunity to chase black marlin at the Great Barrier Reef, catch barramundi, queenfish and coral trout in the Northern Territory and giant kingfish and big snapper at Port Lincoln in South Australia. The thrill of the chase is most definitely on for avid fishers during this exclusive holiday!

Swimming alongside whales and sharks at Ningaloo Reef

Get up close and personal with majestic creatures of the sea at Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. If the idea of swimming with a shark leaves you recoiling and imagining scenes from Jaws, never fear! The giant yet gentle whale sharks that frequent Ningaloo from April to July are harmless filter feeders, with a diet consisting mostly of plankton. They’re beautiful creatures with dotted skin and a mighty presence that will most certainly take your breath away! Scuba diving and snorkelling tours depart regularly in tourist season from Exmouth and Coral Bay. These tours also offer an opportunity to view colourful coral gardens, and see a range of sea creatures including manta rays, spinner dolphins, turtles, dugongs and even humpback whales!

Make Sal Salis your basecamp during your reef explorations and experience the coral coast of Western Australia at its most tranquil. The beachside safari camp provides the ultimate ‘glamping’ experience, right on the water! Their expert adventure enthusiasts have nestled the tents within the dunes, with a focus on privacy and immersion in nature. Drift to sleep to the sounds of the rolling waves on the nearby beach, and awake to birdsong in the morning. Eco-luxe camping at it’s best!

Hamilton Island Race Week VIP Style | Diving at the Great Barrier Reef

Do you want to create a holiday that’s the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation? You won’t beat these private jet adventure experiences.  Adagold Luxe curates bespoke holidays with some of Australia’s leading resorts and tour providers, and even organise your private charter in between destinations. Contact Adagold today to experience an unforgettable holiday, designed just for you.

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