Case Study: School Trip to Canberra

1 Jan, 2018 | Adagold Aviation, Adagold Luxe, News, Teams and Groups, Travel and Tourism

A rite of passage for many Australian secondary school children is a week-long trip to Canberra to learn about our country’s government and political history. But for larger school groups who reside interstate, it can be challenging to organise an excursion that meets all of the logistical requirements. This is where Adagold Aviation stepped in to help!

The Problem

A Brisbane private school approached us 12 months in advance of the date that they required an aircraft for a field trip to Canberra. They were struggling to find an appropriate airline for the number of students they had to accommodate. The 130 passengers would need to be split between two aircrafts when flying with either Qantas or Virgin. This meant that their arrival and departure times would differ and that they may need to be at separate terminals. The school wanted to keep the entire group together so that they wouldn’t have to re-arrange the itinerary of the trip for two separate groups of students. They also needed to find an airline who would operate within their budget.

The Solution

Adagold Aviation was able to find an aircraft that could take all 130 students from Brisbane to Canberra in one trip, on one plane. We were able to negotiate the price behind the scenes so that it fell within the school’s set budget. This was particularly important for the school as it would mean that they didn’t have to cut out visitation to any important sites such as Parliament House or the War Memorial, to compensate for travel costs.

On the Day

The Adagold Aviation team received the finalised passenger list to supply to the airline a fortnight before the travel date. We relayed the check-in times to the school to ensure that they had all of the information they required to get the students to the airport on time.

On the day of the flight, the Adagold team arrived before the school group, ensuring that the correct check-ins were available and that everything was in place for smooth boarding. We met the group and assisted in pointing the school children and teachers in the right direction and made sure there were no stragglers. The safety and security of the children was of the utmost importance, and the Adagold team were there to make this process much easier for the teachers in charge.

The Result

The school were grateful for the personalised service Adagold Aviation were able to provide them with. Having the entire group travelling together reduced safety risks and maximised convenience. We’re glad we could help young, budding minds learn more about our country’s capital city and governance!

Adagold Aviation are Australia’s leader private air charter company, with plenty of experience organising bespoke flights for large groups. Contact us today if you want to take the hassle and stress out of organising transportation for a large group of people.

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