Case Study: Transporting a Workforce

16 Jul, 2018 | Groups, News, Teams and Groups, VIP/Corporate

Coordinating a large group of workers travelling to a regional Queensland location has unique challenges. Realistically, transporting your workforce to and from the required location is only a speck of the scope. You also need to consider the available accommodation and their movements once landing, all while trying to maximise the time they have to work. This is where Adagold Aviation can help!


A national company, Whittens Group, is an infrastructure, construction and services business with current projects Australia-wide. Whittens has a particular focus on regional areas of Australia with projects in sectors including Mining and Infrastructure.


Whittens approached us to transport over 180 people in and out of Moranbah for a rotating roster. Previously the client had used Qantas and Virgin but seats were not always available and the costs varied creating budget issues. Whittens also required the crew to land at the local Moranbah airport. On commercial flights local airport landing could be cost prohibitive and some of the crew were required to land in Mackay and catch a bus 2-3 hours into Moranbah.

The Solution

Adagold Aviation supplied Whittens with a dedicated charter agent who organised the transport of the crew members including arranging and supervising the weekly bus transport from Brisbane Domestic to Brisbane General Aviation, relieving some of the site manager’s workload. Whittens now secure flights in advance, with each charter guaranteeing seats for 20 – 60 people. Moreover, all of the flights arranged by Adagold Aviation land directly at the local Moranbah airport allowing for reliable planning of pick-up/drop-offs and connecting flights. These flights create time and monetary savings for Whittens as additional charter buses are no longer needed.

The Result

“I have nothing but positive feedback and appreciation for the service offered to Whittens Group. I would like to personally express my gratitude to Adagold for its professional customer services and support. I believe the charters gave me more control of my time/daily workload and enabled me to plan the travel in and out of Moranbah for a roster of over 250 people. I could gradually feel a release of pressure and worry about flights, and was able to utilise my time to complete more planning which also allowed me to give more notice on flight schedules and book our charter flights further in advance. I was therefore able to focus more time on planning and reviewing the accommodation for over 200 people.”
-Whittens Site Administrator

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Other Benefits cited by Whittens

  • Professional Service
  • Information staff who are courtesy and professional
  • A wide range of snacks catering to the passenger needs
  • Regularly offering refreshments
  • Genuine hospitality
  • Cost-effective solution compared to commercial flights
  • Assistance implementing the Whittens non-alcoholic travelling policy through drafting and implementing a code of conduct for all passengers.

Do you need to organise travel for a large workforce? No matter the destination, Adagold Aviation can work with you to develop a reliable and time-effective solution via private jet. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business.

Want More Information?

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Want More Information?

Our Charter Experts Are Here To Help.