Case Study – Urgent Snap Lockdown Corporate Repatriation

16 Nov, 2021 | News, VIP/Corporate

With COVID-19 vaccination rates continuing to increase, plenty of us have started to feel some reprieve from the looming threat of lockdowns and border closures. Recently, across Australia, we have begun to see more and more borders open or plan to open in time for Christmas. However, as we have all experienced, the volatile nature of COVID means anything can happen. Both differing policies and simply the differing COVID risks from state to state has meant anything can happen with Australia’s state border policies.

Naturally, this has made travel far more stressful for those who need to travel interstate. Making travel arrangements knowing borders may close, or worse, experiencing border closure announcements while you’re away, is not ideal.

Fortunately, Adagold Aviation specialises in urgent repatriation flights that get our clients home while stringently following all COVID-19 government regulations. Read on to learn how Adagold Aviation pulled off an urgent pre-lockdown repatriation flight for a corporate client.

Snap lockdown threatened to obstruct client travel plans

On a late Friday afternoon, Adagold was contacted by a corporate client, just hours before a snap lockdown was to be imposed in a southern state. We were tasked with bringing home a team of 7 high-level corporate consultants. Our clients were required to be in their home state the very next day for a follow-up project. The rapid announcement of border closures threatened to terminate their travel home, and jeopardise their important plans the following day.

Swift organisation of repatriation charter

Leveraging our decade-long relationship with a trusted aircraft owner, Adagold sourced a twin-engine jet. We had the group of corporates back in their home state within just three hours of the initial phone call – and before lockdown.

Our clients were able to meet their scheduling goals for their customers, and avoid lockdown, all within a quick, safe and comfortable time frame that exceeded expectations. Most importantly, we were able to urgently repatriate our clients while adhering to all government regulations.

Trusted repatriation services

Adagold Aviation has been providing repatriation flights for decades. Since the emergence of COVID, we have become highly specialised in managing these urgent pre-border closure flights. You can rest assured Adagold Aviation has the resources, contacts and confidence to get you and your team or family home safety and swiftly. Be sure to contact our team to organise urgent repatriation on (07) 3622 8299 or here.

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Want More Information?

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