Cessna 404 Titan

Charter Plane

The Cessna 404 Titan, one of Cessna’s largest piston-engined twin prop aircraft , is a versatile aircraft capable of flying nine passengers over various distances. Since its introduction in 1976, the Cessna 404 Titan has been a reliable choice for private plane hire, offering a blend of performance and comfort. This profile explores the features that make the Cessna 404 Titan a preferred choice for charter flights and private plane hire.

The Cessna 404 Titan has been a mainstay in the aviation industry since its service inception in 1976. Known for its spacious cabin, typically configured to accommodate eight or nine passengers, the Cessna 404 offers a comfortable and versatile charter option. Despite ceasing production in 1982, the Cessna 404 Titan remains a popular choice due to its durability and adaptability. The aircraft’s ability to fly both high and far for a piston prop aircraft, with a ceiling of approximately 26,000 feet and a maximum range of more than 3,410kms, makes it suitable for a variety of charter operations.

Aircraft Specifications

Aircraft Type

Twin Piston Prop

Flight Crew

1 Pilot



Cargo Capacity

1,000kgs / 6 cubic metres

Other Features

Double rear doors allow loading of pallet
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Technical Specifications

The Cessna 404 Titan, classified as a Twin Piston Prop aircraft, represents a blend of robust engineering and reliable performance. It is typically operated by a single pilot, which adds to its appeal for private plane hire, offering a more personalised and intimate flying experience with reduced crew costs. The aircraft boasts an impressive range, capable of flying up to 3,410 kilometres, making it well-suited for medium-range charter operations. This range capability ensures that the Cessna 404 Titan can comfortably cover significant distances, ideal for various charter needs across the country.

In terms of cargo capacity, the Cessna 404 Titan can carry up to 1,000 kgs (6 cubic metres) of cargo. This capacity makes it versatile for both passenger and cargo transport, catering to a wide range of charter flight requirements. The aircraft’s seating configuration is adaptable for up to 9 passengers in commuter configuration, providing flexibility to accommodate different group sizes and needs. One of the notable features of the Cessna 404 Titan is its double rear doors, which allow for the easy loading of pallets and other types of cargo. This feature enhances the aircraft’s utility in various charter operations, making it a practical choice for those looking into private plane hire or seeking a reliable charter aircraft for their specific needs.

Cargo Capabilities

The Cessna 404 Titan stands out for its cargo handling capabilities, making it a valuable asset in the realm of private plane hire. The aircraft’s cargo capacity of 1,000 kgs or 6 cubic metres is particularly noteworthy, as it allows for the transportation of a significant amount of goods, which is ideal for various types of charter operations. The double rear doors of the Cessna 404 Titan are a key feature, providing ease of access for loading and unloading cargo, including palletised goods. This makes the aircraft highly efficient for operations that require quick turnaround times and is especially beneficial for delivering supplies to remote areas where ground support might be limited.

The Cessna 404 Titan’s ability to accommodate a range of cargo types, from general freight to more specialised equipment, adds to its versatility as a charter aircraft. Whether it’s for transporting critical supplies / breakdown parts to remote mining sites, delivering essential goods to isolated communities, or supporting logistical operations for businesses, the Cessna 404 Titan’s cargo capabilities ensure that it can meet a variety of logistical challenges.

Operational Strengths

The operational strengths of the Cessna 404 Titan lie in its versatility and efficiency, making it a preferred choice for charter flights. Its twin piston prop design contributes to its reliability and short field performance, particularly for regional flights. The aircraft’s capability to operate from smaller airports and airstrips enhances its utility, allowing access to areas that might be unreachable by larger aircraft. This feature is particularly important in Australia, where remote and regional areas often require reliable air transport solutions.

The Cessna 404 Titan’s range of 3,410 kilometres positions it as an ideal aircraft for medium-range operations, providing flexibility for various charter needs. Its seating configuration, which can accommodate up to 9 passengers, makes it suitable for small group travel, offering a comfortable and efficient travel option. The aircraft’s adaptability to both passenger and cargo transport needs, coupled with its operational efficiency, makes it a sensible choice for businesses and individuals looking for cost-effective and reliable charter solutions.

Safety and Reliability

The Cessna 404 Titan is renowned for its safety record and reliability, key factors that make it a trusted choice in the private plane hire market. The aircraft’s design and operational history underscore its commitment to safety, ensuring that every flight adheres to the highest standards. The fact that it is typically operated by a single pilot speaks to its ease of operation and robust safety features.

Reliability is a hallmark of the Cessna 404 Titan, with its twin piston prop design providing consistent performance. This reliability is crucial for charter operations, where on-time performance and the ability to operate under various conditions are essential. The Cessna 404 Titan’s proven track record in diverse operational scenarios, from short-haul regional passenger flights to more demanding cargo missions, ensures that it remains a dependable choice for a wide range of air charter needs.

Airbus A320 Interior
Airbus A320 Interior

Cost Effectiveness

In terms of private plane cost, the Cessna 404 Titan offers an economical solution for both cargo and passenger charter flights. Its operational efficiency and versatility in handling different types of missions make it a cost-effective choice for various charter requirements. The aircraft’s ability to operate from smaller, regional airports not only enhances its accessibility but also reduces potential costs associated with larger, busier airports.

The Cessna 404 Titan’s adaptability as both a cargo and passenger aircraft means that it can be utilised for a wide range of purposes, maximising its usage and cost-effectiveness. For businesses and individuals seeking a reliable and efficient aircraft for their charter needs, the Cessna 404 Titan presents an attractive option that balances performance, versatility, and cost. Whether it’s for transporting goods to remote locations or flying small groups to regional destinations, the Cessna 404 Titan stands out as a practical and economical choice in the private plane hire market.

Ideal Use Cases for Cessna 404 Titan in Australia

The Cessna 404 Titan, with its unique combination of range, cargo capacity, and operational flexibility, is well-suited for a variety of use cases in Australia, particularly in regions where access and efficiency are key.

Regional Business Travel

  • Ideal for corporate and business travel within Australia, especially for small groups needing to visit multiple regional destinations efficiently.
  • Suitable for executives and professionals who require a reliable and quick mode of transport to remote business meetings, site visits and investor tours.

Medical and Emergency Services

  • Can be used for urgent medical transport, including the delivery of medical supplies and equipment to remote healthcare facilities.
  • Suitable for rapid response in emergency situations to isolated areas, providing critical support when time is of the essence.

Mining and Resource Sector Support

  • Efficient for transporting equipment, supplies, and personnel to and from mining and resource sites, especially in remote locations.
  • Useful for regular supply runs and breakdown parts, ensuring continuous operation of mining and resource projects. Aircraft can be configured for cargo uplift with a passenger(engineer / technician / repair person) onboard.

Tourism and Leisure Travel

  • Perfect for accessing remote tourist destinations, offering a unique travel experience for small groups or families.
  • Can be used for bespoke travel itineraries, including visits to outback locations or islands.

Environmental and Wildlife Conservation

  • Suitable for transporting researchers and conservationists to remote environmental and wildlife conservation areas and wildlife surveillance.
  • Can be used to deliver equipment and supplies necessary for conservation projects.

Charter It With Adagold

The Cessna 404 Titan’s versatility makes it an excellent choice for a range of operations across Australia. Its ability to handle diverse missions, from business travel to emergency services, underscores its value in the private plane hire market.

Adagold Aviation’s team of cargo charter specialists is ready to assist in leveraging the Cessna 404 Titan for your specific needs. Whether it’s for business, medical, mining, tourism, or conservation purposes, Adagold’s expertise ensures a tailored and efficient charter solution.

Contact Adagold Aviation today to discuss how the Cessna 404 Titan can support your operations. Let our team provide you with a customised solution that maximises efficiency and meets your unique requirements, ensuring a seamless and effective charter experience.

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