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The Citation Mustang is a remarkable business jet that offers a unique blend of performance, comfort, and efficiency. Designed by Cessna, this aircraft caters to the needs of small groups seeking a swift and luxurious travel experience. The Citation Mustang is ideal for both business and leisure travellers, providing a perfect solution for short to mid-range flights.

With a seating capacity for up to five passengers, the Mustang’s cabin is designed to maximise comfort and productivity for chartered flights, featuring plush leather seats and ample legroom. The aircraft’s interior is equipped with modern amenities including work tables, allowing passengers to stay connected and productive throughout their journey.

Performance-wise, the Citation Mustang boasts impressive capabilities, enabling efficient and direct flights to numerous destinations including remote locations. The Mustang’s advanced avionics and robust design ensure a smooth and reliable flight experience, making it a trusted choice for discerning travellers. The Citation Mustang combines luxury, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology, offering an exceptional private jet experience that caters to the demands of modern travellers.

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Capabilities of the Cessna Citation Mustang

Passenger Capacity – The Citation Mustang is designed to comfortably accommodate up to 5 passengers. The cabin layout is optimised for both comfort and productivity, making it an excellent choice for business meetings or leisure travel. The ergonomic seating arrangements ensure a relaxing experience throughout your journey, whether it’s a short trip or a longer flight.

Flight Range and Speed – With a maximum range of approximately 2,130 kilometres, the Citation Mustang is ideal for short to mid-range flights, allowing for efficient and direct travel to numerous destinations. The aircraft cruises at a speed of 630 kilometres per hour, ensuring timely and smooth travel to your destination. This range and speed combination makes it a reliable option for travellers seeking efficiency and performance.

Fuel Efficiency – The Citation Mustang is known for its excellent fuel efficiency, making it a cost-effective option for private jet travel. Its efficient fuel consumption helps reduce operational costs while maintaining high performance standards.

Takeoff and Landing Capabilities – The Mustang’s design allows it to operate from shorter runways, increasing the number of airports it can access. This capability provides greater flexibility in travel planning and the ability to reach destinations that may be closer to final locations than larger airports in both city and regional locations.

In-Flight Connectivity – Passengers on the Citation Mustang can stay connected with available Wi-Fi and in-flight communication systems. This feature is particularly beneficial for business travellers who need to remain productive during their flights.

Quiet Cabin Environment – The Citation Mustang’s cabin is designed to minimise noise, ensuring a quiet and comfortable environment. This feature enhances passenger comfort and allows for better communication and relaxation during the flight.

Specifications of the Cessna Citation Mustang

The Citation Mustang is a sophisticated light jet that blends luxury with advanced aviation technology, making it an excellent choice in the charter airline market. Its specifications are tailored to meet the needs of those looking for private plane hire:

Aircraft Type – The Citation Mustang is engineered for short to mid-range travel, prioritising both efficiency and the comfort of its passengers.

Flight Crew – A standard flight crew for the Citation Mustang includes 1 pilot, ensuring a high level of service and safety for all on board.

Range – The aircraft’s 2,130 km range allows for comfortable non-stop travel, catering to direct charter flights to various regional and domestic destinations.

Speed – With a cruising speed of 630 km/h, the Citation Mustang offers quick transit times, ensuring efficient travel across short to mid-range distances.

Seating – It has a seating capacity for up to 5 passengers (including the co-pilot seat), providing a comfortable and intimate environment for both business and leisure travellers.

Baggage Capabilities – The Citation Mustang offers 1.78 cubic metres of baggage space with a compartment that can hold several suitcases and additional hand luggage, ensuring ample storage for all passengers.

The Citation Mustang combines efficiency, comfort, and modern technology, making it a premier choice for private jet charters. Whether for business or leisure, the Mustang delivers an exceptional flying experience tailored to the needs of its passengers.

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Cabin Features of the Cessna Citation Mustang

The interior of the Citation Mustang is meticulously crafted to enhance the passenger’s experience, ensuring unparalleled comfort and satisfaction throughout the flight. Here are the cabin features that you can enjoy on this aircraft:

Comfortable Seating – The aircraft accommodates up to 5 passengers, with club-style leather seating for four passengers and an additional co-pilot seat. The ergonomic design of the seats ensures maximum comfort, allowing passengers to relax during their journey.

Cabin Pressurisation and Air Conditioning – To ensure a pleasant cabin atmosphere at all times, the Citation Mustang is equipped with advanced pressurisation and air conditioning systems, maintaining optimal comfort regardless of external weather conditions.

Lavatory Facilities – The inclusion of an emergency toilet provides essential convenience for passengers, ensuring comfort even on longer flights.

In-flight Service – The Citation Mustang is equipped with fold-out tables and 12v USB outlets, allowing passengers to stay connected and productive during their flight. Light snacks and refreshments are provided, with additional catering options available upon request to enhance the overall travel experience.

Baggage Storage – The cabin includes 1.78 cubic metres space for passengers to store their carry-on luggage, with accessible compartments that allow easy retrieval of personal items during the flight. This ensures that necessary items are always within reach, making the travel experience as seamless and comfortable as possible.

Cabin Ambiance – Attention to interior design and lighting creates a welcoming atmosphere within the cabin. Modern amenities and thoughtful details, such as cup holders and well-placed lighting, contribute to a pleasant and enjoyable flight experience.

Cost to Charter the Cessna Citation Mustang

Understanding the cost to charter a plane like the Citation Mustang involves considering various elements that contribute to the final price. Ensuring transparency, our air charter service provides clarity on these factors to help clients understand the costs associated with chartering this efficient aircraft.

Distance and Duration – The charter cost is influenced by numerous factors including the flight distance and time. The Citation Mustang is designed for short to mid-range flights, making it suitable for regional and domestic journeys often comparable to the costs of prop and turbo-prop aircraft. The efficiency of the aircraft helps optimise costs for these trips.

Passenger Numbers – With a capacity of up to 5 passengers, the Citation Mustang offers a comfortable and intimate experience. While it may not provide a cost-effective per-person rate for larger groups, the value lies in the premium service and convenience offered.

Operational Costs – The overall cost includes considerations such as airport charges, fuel, and crew expenses. The advanced design and fuel efficiency of the Citation Mustang play a significant role in managing these operational costs effectively.

Service Level – Costs can vary based on the level of service requested. In-flight catering, additional amenities, and customised service options can influence the total price. Our air charter service offers personalised services to suit various preferences and budgets.

Market Demand – The time of year and demand for air charter flights can affect pricing. Flexibility with booking dates and times may lead to more advantageous rates, especially during peak travel seasons.

Indicative Rates for Chartered Flights

Examples of potential routes and pricing:

  • Sydney – Melbourne same day return trip: $16,000 plus GST
  • Gold Coast – Hamilton Island same day return trip:$ 17,000 plus GST

For more on this, along with some examples of other aircraft and routes, visit our Private Jet Cost page.

Our chartered flights service offers competitive and transparent pricing for chartering the Citation Mustang, focusing on delivering a service that balances cost with the specific needs and expectations of clients, ensuring a satisfactory charter experience. For accurate pricing, it is recommended to contact our team for a detailed quote that will consider all the specifics of the intended charter.

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FAQs About Chartering the Cessna Citation Mustang

Clients considering private plane hire or charter aircraft often have questions about the process and benefits. Here are some frequently asked questions about chartering the Citation Mustang for travel.

What charter applications are most suitable for the Citation Mustang?
The Citation Mustang is well-suited for various private plane hire needs, including business travel, leisure trips, and regional charters. Its compact size and efficiency make it ideal for short to mid-range journeys to both city and regional locations with comparable costs to prop aircraft

How does chartering a Citation Mustang compare to commercial flights?
Chartering this aircraft provides the benefits of private jet hire, such as privacy, customisable schedules, direct flights, and access to private terminals, avoiding the inconveniences of commercial airports.

Can the Citation Mustang land at regional airports for charter flights?
Yes, the Citation Mustang can operate from many regional airports, providing access to more travel destinations and offering greater flexibility for your travel plans.

What is involved in the booking process for a Citation Mustang charter flight?
To book a charter flight, simply contact our air charter service with your travel details. Our team will provide a detailed quote and assist with the booking process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Are there in-flight catering and service options on charter flights?
Yes, we provide a range of customisable catering and in-flight services to enhance your charter flight experience. Enjoy light snacks, beverages, and personalised service tailored to your preferences.

What are the baggage allowances for private plane hire on the Citation Mustang?
The standard baggage allowance includes 1.78 cubic metres of space, per passenger for several suitcases and additional hand luggage, accommodating the needs of all passengers with ease.

How far in advance should I book a charter flight?
It is advisable to book as early as possible, particularly for peak travel periods, to ensure the best availability and rates. Booking more than 60 days in advance is recommended, but our team can assist with last-minute requirements for prompt service.

Is it cost-effective to charter the Citation Mustang for group travel?
Chartering the Citation Mustang can be economical for small groups, offering a high level of comfort and efficiency. While the per-seat cost may be higher than larger aircraft, the exclusive experience and convenience justify the investment.

What safety measures are in place for charter flights on the Citation Mustang?
Our charter service follows strict safety protocols and maintenance schedules to ensure the highest safety standards on all flights, in line with regulatory requirements.

Can I customise the flight itinerary when chartering the Citation Mustang?
Yes, one of the main benefits of private plane hire is the ability to customise the flight itinerary to meet specific travel needs. Our team will work with you to create a personalised flight plan that aligns with your schedule and preferences.

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