The Value of Charter Flights vs Business Class

16 Jan, 2017 | Adagold Aviation, News

Chartering flights for business in Europe and the U.S is an accepted practice that provides management and staff with the most convenient way of traversing countries and continents. This is due mainly to a large number of densely populated centres that support the private jet charter market. So where does Australia stand in the charter flights vs business class debate?

In contrast, Australia has relatively smaller populations located in fewer centralised locations compared to the U.S and Europe. Australia is also supported by frequent and well managed commercial airline services between cities.

A common thought in Australia is that chartering an aircraft can be an expensive and indulgent exercise. In many circumstances this far from being the case; especially when you are travelling in a group. If managed properly, a private jet charter can provide benefits well beyond a business class ticket.

In many situations, the utilisation of charter flights for business groups can allow executives to reduce their travel time significantly. In some cases where an interstate visit for a group of executives is to be scheduled for two days due to airline scheduling, a chartered aircraft can reduce the time away from the office to one day. Your group will arrive fresher, more prepared and focused.

If you value your time, then chartering an aircraft makes sense. Here are some reasons why:

1. It’s all about you

Unlike a commercial flight where your schedule is determined by the airline, a private jet charter can be developed to suit your business travel needs. This can include:

  • Arranging specific days and times you need to fly so you get to your destination at the appropriate time.
  • Arranging your flight to arrive and depart at the closest airfield to where you need to go, rather than having to transfer from airports the airlines fly to.
  • The ability to change your plans at the last minute and modify your itinerary so that it suits you and your colleague’s schedule, not the airline’s.
  • If you’re travelling to Sydney Airport, your private jet will be exempt from the curfew.

2. Get more done!

Although the airlines all have business lounges, you have to share them with all of the other passengers. Private jet charters generally depart and arrive from a private terminal. This means your group will have a secluded and quiet environment to hold a meeting, a working breakfast or catch up on emails and phone calls in a peaceful environment. Other productivity advantages include:

  • The ability to continue your business discussions onboard the aircraft.
  • With no other passengers in the private terminal or aircraft, you can speak openly about sensitive or commercial matters without the fear of being overheard.
  • You will not lose precious time in queues to embark and disembark the aircraft, so there is more time to focus on the job at hand.
  • No need for baggage carousels or long walks to the gate.

3. Fast in the air and on the ground

If you’re heading to an important business meeting, the last thing you want to have to deal with at the airport is all of the things that take up your valuable time such as parking and getting to the gate. A chartered aircraft will save you the hassle and get you to and from your destination much faster.

  • Get dropped to the door. In most cases, you will be able to park or get dropped off right at the terminal door.
  • No lining up for taxis or transport. Your air charter management company can arrange for transport for you on your arrival at either end.
  • If you have to bring luggage or equipment, you can have it loaded straight onto the aircraft and avoid the dreaded wait at the carousel at the end of the journey.
  • The private terminals are quite small and are mostly located away from the main domestic and international terminals. This means you can walk out of the private terminal and straight to the aircraft which will be waiting for you.

4. Go more places

Airlines are great at getting you to the major airports and regional centres. But what if your requirement is a bit further away from the airport? What if you can’t get to the airport you need to from your home port? This is where chartering really saves you time. Rather than having to book two or three flights to get to your destination, you can fly right to where you need to go.

  • Cut a two day trip into one by flying directly to where you need to go.
  • Arrive fresher, energised and ready for your meeting.
  • No wasted time with transfers, overnight stays and downtime in terminals.
  • Travel in style the whole way, not just to the next city.

Adagold Aviation can assist you in booking a private jet charter and customising it to suit your needs. Adagold has been providing air charter management services for 25 years and understands the air charter market better than anyone else in Australia. Contact us now to make your next business trip a relaxing and productive one.

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