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7 Apr, 2021 | Adagold Luxe, News

When you finally take that next step and opt to fly private, you won’t ever look back. Air travel is no longer a means to an end. Flying on a private jet transforms air travel into a deluxe experience; an experience you’ll never forget. On-demand private jet charters bring luxury, convenience, prestige and exclusivity to your journey. 

If you’ve never ventured onto a private jet, you might not understand how much you’re missing out on. Here are just a few exclusive perks of on-demand private jet charters. 

Fly on-demand, on your time

These days, we’re all trying to find ways we can optimise our time. Having to transform your calendar to suit the schedule offered by commercial airlines hinders your productivity and takes up valuable time. 

When you fly private instead, you’re (metaphorically) in the driver’s seat. You choose when to take off. Running late? Not a problem. If you’re running behind, or ahead of schedule, simply call ahead and notify your crew. 


Since the pandemic, travel has been unreliable at times. Commercial airlines that were once consistent and reliable are now cancelling flights at the last minute. This has left travellers stranded, or it has taken from their precious leisure time. 

Private charter flights have the resources and capabilities to ensure your flight has more chance of going ahead – even when the commercial airlines have been forced to cancel. Certainly, there is more control and flexibility for you with private charter during these extraordinary times. We can’t guarantee what will happen but we do give you more control over the changes, 

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No queues

The queues involved in commercial air travel are endless. The time wasted lining up at the pick up/drop off zones, at baggage check, security, toilets, the gate and baggage claim is excessive. With a private jet charter flight, you’re often skipping the queue.

No lost luggage

Watching the same bags endlessly roll around the carousel at baggage claim – while yours is nowhere to be seen – is stressful. Unfortunately, it’s too easy for bags to go missing on commercial airlines. Passengers risk losing valuable belongings and being stuck without the essentials when they’re away from home. 

Flying private eliminates this risk. Passengers travel worry-free, knowing that when they land, their bags will be ready to go and even transported to their destination ahead of time. 


The comforts of private jet charter go far beyond extra legroom. You’ll be treated to ultra-comfortable seats, along with plenty of space to stretch out and sleep. You can also move around the plane as much as you like. On top of these amenities, with some aircraft options you’ll also enjoy unrestricted inflight Wi-Fi. Just make sure to ask us if this is important to you. 

Fine dining

Lacklustre meals are foreign to the private jet experience. Adagold’s team go above and beyond to deliver exquisite meals that you’ll remember for all the right reasons. We cater to your unique requests and deliver an impeccable fine dining experience every time. Your meals will also consider your dietary requirements. 


On-demand private jet charters guarantee unmatched privacy for guests. Not only do guests avoid crowded airports, but their inflight experience is dramatically improved. You can have private conversations or business meetings, host video conferences or presentations, knowing that sensitive information will not be overheard.

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Fly direct 

Large commercial aeroplanes do not have the capacity to land in smaller airports. This means commercial airline travellers frequently need to organise further transport to get to their end location. 

Private jets have the capacity to land at smaller airports. This means guests land much closer to their destination. Private jet guests often manage to land at the final destination, which saves even more time and effort. 

Personalise your experience 

As well as convenience and superior comfort, private jet travel comes with so many more luxury perks. Guests can request a customised dining experience catered to their dietary needs and their tastebuds. If you’re celebrating a milestone or special occasion, you can request your plane be decorated to your liking.   

Efficient landing

The process of landing on a commercial flight is exactly what it sounds like – a process. Waiting for every guest to depart the aeroplane is a monotonous ordeal. Flying private ensures a far more efficient landing. When you land, you depart from your private jet immediately. You can even have a limousine ordered for you, so that you can depart the airport as soon as you step off your flight. 


The exclusive perks of on-demand private jet charters make them so much more than a mode of transportation. The time saved by flying private affords the traveller precious time – time they can spend with their loved ones or even completing important work. At Adagold Aviation, we take immense pride in delivering a luxe travel experience for our private jet charter guests. We take care of everything from start to finish. If you would like to enquire about our private jet charter services, contact our helpful team today.

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