Experience Birdsville and Lake Eyre Via Private Charter Flights

26 Mar, 2019 | News

From severe drought to devastating floods, Australia is continuously pulled between nature’s extremes.

But sometimes from devastation, beauty blooms. As the recent flood waters recede from northern and western Queensland, and lazily wind their way through the countryside, outback Australia is coming to life. Slowly, previously parched land is waking from its slumber inviting vibrant wildlife to flourish in the outback. In past months, the water flowed through inland creeks and lakes prompting a ‘dry-flood’ in Birdsville and now, it is filling Lake Eyre, creating a unique and rarely seen event in central Australia.

Over the coming months, we have a window of opportunity to witness how this natural event will shape the vast land, wildlife and colour of outback Australia. It’s also a great time to visit and support the local communities while they rebuild. And what better way to see this natural transformation than from the air. At Adagold Aviation, we are happy to recommend routes, depending on what you are most interested in and how much time you have.

Travelling to the Australian outback

Australia’s vast landscape can take days, sometimes weeks, to travel by car or train, but private air charter allows you flexibility and efficiency. At Adagold Aviation, we can organise the perfect charter flights to suit your needs. Allowing an extraordinary overall view, a VIP aircraft such as the Falcon 900 Luxury Jet is an ideal way to witness this widespread phenomenon. Alternatively, Merlin or PC 12 can offer a lower and slower fly over with the high level of safety and comfort of a refurbished turbo prop.

Choose your adventure

Whether you prefer a luxury day trip across the outback, or you would like to take it slow and visit beautiful country towns along the way, Adagold Aviation will assist you to tailor a package to suit your needs, sourcing the best aircraft for the journey. With the ability to land at Charleville or Birdsville, we can fly you where you want, on a schedule to suit you and your party. Stop over and enjoy a cold beer at the iconic Birdsville pub or sip Champagne as you bare witness to this incredible natural wonder from above.

The Birdsville and Lake Eyre experience is available for various group sizes and individuals. So much is possible, just ask our experienced Charter Specialists.

Areas of interest

Birdsville And Lake Eyre Itinerary Travel Map

Skip the stress of booking commercial flights and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of natural wonders by chartering flights through Adagold Aviation. Contact Adagold Aviation today to experience private charter flights at its finest.

Want More Information?

Our Charter Experts Are Here To Help.

Want More Information?

Our Charter Experts Are Here To Help.