Experience the Field of Light at Uluru

4 Jun, 2018 | Adagold Luxe, News, Travel and Tourism

It’s hard to imagine that the natural beauty of Uluru could be enhanced any further. But with the addition of an art installation, its grace is celebrated in an unparalleled, transformational experience. The internationally acclaimed solar installation, Field of Light by Bruce Munro, has travelled the world and is now lighting up the heartland of Northern Territory in a not-to-be-missed experience.

Enhancing the natural beauty of Uluru

The light installation conceived by Bruce while visiting Uluru in 1992 first appeared in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and had since travelled through varying locations around the US, Mexico and the UK. However, the installation had not appeared at Uluru until now. To honour the arrival of the installation at the birthplace of his idea, the Field of Light Uluru is the first to be fully illuminated by solar power.

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What is Field of Light?

The work covering the area of nine football fields consists of 50,000 hand-crafted stems with frosted glass spheres attached to the end which are joined through an illuminated optical fibre. The award-winning exhibition comes to life after the magical scene of the setting sun over the red centre. As darkness casts a veil on the land, the Field of Light comes to life throwing Uluru into silhouette. Throughout the experience, lights rhythmically sway and breathe; creating an interactive symphony of ochre, deep violet, blue and gentle white colours.

Where to stay and how to get there

The mesmerising experience of Field of Lights can be incorporated into the Adagold Aviation Quintessential Australia Outback and Reef Jet-Centric journey. Adagold Aviation has partnered with the luxurious Longitude 131° to deliver you an unmatched adventure covering both coastal and inland Australia with Field of Light a highlight of the experience.

This journey ensures you see the very best of Australia at your pace with your own VIP jet. The seven-day experience begins in Sydney, where your private jet will be waiting for you. The luxury continues as you arrive seamlessly at Uluru to the smiling faces of the Longitude 131° staff. The accommodation of Longitude 131° offers breathtaking views of Uluru which will be partnered with exquisite fusion meals including seasonal treats, canapes and Australia’s finest wines and boutique beers. You’ll have three nights to soak up the glistening Northern Territory stars and the Field of Light installation, as well as four days to experience the unique majesty that Uluru has to offer.

On day four, it’s time to board your VIP jet and be flown to the Whitsundays to an indulgent island escape. Your luxury Super Yacht ‘Spirit’ and champagne will be waiting for you at Hamilton Island as you arrive. Explore the glorious island, pristine water and perfect beaches over three days while an onboard personal chef will prepare fresh seafood, tropical fruit platters and locally grown produce to your liking. This bespoke experience is completely custom and built around you.

On day seven, you will travel via your private jet back to Sydney where you can explore the exceptional harbour sights before you travel home.

To find out more about this incredible experience, get in touch with the friendly staff at Adagold Aviation.

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Want More Information?

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