Case Study: Finding Flexible Solutions

13 Oct, 2017 | Adagold Aviation, News

When Adagold Aviation was approached by a client for a bespoke flight with strict time limits and guidelines, we were more than happy to help with a flexible charter flight!

Our client was a retail group looking to scout out new locations for future building opportunities. They were finding it difficult to find a chartering company that could fulfil all of their requirements and turned to Adagold Aviation because of our reputation for bespoke flying solutions.

Managing a tight itinerary

Our client required flights to two remote locations in QLD in the one day. Their difficulties in securing a chartering company spurred from the fact that the locations were a significant distance from one another. This posed a few challenges, including the fact that the crew would need to be rostered on very close to the regulated rostering limits mandated for flight crew. The constraints of the airstrip also needed to be taken into consideration as the charter would need to operate on a tight schedule to complete the trip in one day.

Providing both convenience and comfort

The Adagold Aviation team were determined not to substitute quality for convenience. The client expected all the comforts of a private charter, at a competitive price and for the trip to be cohesive with their operational requirements and time limits.

Our excellent relationship with the aircraft operator resulted in a solution for the client that met all of their needs, including time spent on the ground at each location. Here at Adagold, we believe that you should be able to get work done efficiently and enjoy a glass of champagne on soft leather seats on the way home, to celebrate a job well done!

Flexible solutions

The evening before the flight was due to depart the client contacted Adagold to make slight changes to the itinerary, including the need to visit an alternate site. Any other private charter company would have charged extra for this last minute change, but we were determined to maintain a cost effective service for our client.

Due to our good working relationship with the aircraft operator, the price remained the same, and the itinerary ran to schedule. The client was appreciative of these last minute adjustments to the itinerary, carried out with minimal fuss and at no extra cost.

Getting you there in style, on time, every time

At Adagold Aviation, we pride ourselves on being able to provide comfortable, bespoke services to clients. Meeting requirements and time constraints are part of our daily duties, and our strong relationships with aircraft operators mean that we’re often able to amend itineraries and offer flexible charter flight solutions where other chartering companies cannot. With Adagold Aviation, you can fly in superior comfort, in a timely and convenient fashion, and with minimal fuss, every time!

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Want More Information?

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