Fly to Hobart’s Dark Mofo Event In A Unique Charter Aircraft

23 May, 2022 | News

Dark Mofo, MONA’s annual homage to Winter Solstice rituals, is on again this year!

With an extensive and sometimes intense mix of artists and installations dotted around the Hobart region, Dark Mofo has something to stretch the mind, and feed the soul and the eyes with a multitude of musical acts, grand scale light installations and winter feasts.

What to See at Dark Mofo?

What to see at Dark Mofo you ask? Plenty! From the Reclamation Walk to the Ogoh-Ogoh Parade or the plethora of art exhibits and shows scattered around the event, you won’t struggle to find things to do. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you might enjoy The Burning of the Ogoh-Ogoh on Solstice Night or the Nude Solstice Swim at the Derwent River. Then of course, one of the festival’s most famous events, its debaucherous costume party that in 2022 will be known as The Blue Rose Ball.

There’s no end to the events and performances!

What to See Around Hobart?

While the Dark Mofo schedule is already jam-packed with action, there is much to do around Hobart itself while you’re in town.

First of all, if you’re heading to Tasmania for Dark Mofo, then you have to check out the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) during the day. Take one quick (and quirky) ferry over to the island and spend a day immersing yourself in some of the whackiest art installations we have here in Australia.

If you prefer a scenic mountain view, a staple trip to Mount Wellington is in order. Only 30 short minutes from the city centre is a 4,000+ foot mountain with trails and a lookout point!

For those with a bit more time on their hands, a day trip to Launceston is a great way to break up the action and take a moment to breathe and take in the serenity.

Where to Stay During Dark Mofo

Once you’ve figured out what you want to see and do during your time in Hobart, the next step is choosing somewhere to stay. We’ve got a few recommendations that are sure to compliment the dark and sultry stylings of Dark Mofo.

For the ultimate Dark Mofo experience, we can’t go past the MONA Pavilions. While they’re few and far between, they’re worth the extra spend. It’ll get you right up and close to the action, whilst also giving you a comfortable place to relax between events.

Another top location is The Henry Jones Art Hotel in Hobart. This award-winning accommodation has been named one of the best luxury hotels in Australia, and the South Pacific, as well as Fine Dining awards for the hotel restaurant. There are some truly exquisite suites, so it’s worth a sneaky peek!

Last but not least, Lenna of Hobart is a blast from the past, taking you back to the 1800s in gorgeous sandstone style. Lenna is known for its rich history, and each room has a story to tell. You can read more about this heritage-filled hotel here.

Fly to Tasmania for Dark Mofo in a Charter Aircraft

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