Hire a Private Jet to Take You to Your Next Business Meeting

20 Jan, 2018 | Adagold Aviation, News, VIP/Corporate

Are you sick of arriving late to important business meetings because your flight was delayed? Tired of standing in long queues to check in and get through security? Can you never seem to hail enough cabs for your team at the other end, causing you to turn up at your location in unprofessional dribs and drabs? It might be time to look into an alternative means of transport; one that will get you to your destination with time to spare, and cause you much less stress. It’s time to hire a private jet.

Affordability – debunking the myth

Before you start dredging up images of high-flying celebrities popping champagne and tinkling their diamond-encrusted jewellery, we’re going to explain a few things. Namely, that hiring a private jet can be a much more affordable option than you might think. Especially if you consider that a business class flight from Brisbane to Sydney can cost you upwards of $2000 per person. This adds up quickly when you’re transporting a large team of people.

In those instances, it may be better to charter a private jet to your business meeting. This way you can transport teams of varying sizes without large per-person fees. Plus the convenience of having everyone accounted for on one flight is ideal for executives.

Adagold Aviation offers a wide range of jets to suit varying price ranges and can accommodate both small and large groups (we’re talking in the 100s!).  We understand that time is money, which is why our charter services focus on efficiency. Getting to and from your meeting location quicker is often more valuable than saving on discount tickets from unreliable airlines that make you late and negatively impact your business’ reputation.


Many businesses choose to hire a private charter company to organise a jet for their trip because the convenience of travelling this way is simply unbeatable. The main benefits?

  • Service is personalised (no lengthy periods spent on hold over the phone) and 100% responsive.
  • You don’t have to stand in long airport queues. Instead, get out of your car and onto the plane in minutes!
  • You aren’t restricted by set flight timetables. Choose the best time to suit your meeting.
  • Stress less about getting to your destination on time. Everything has been planned in detail by experienced charter specialists to suit your individual needs.
  • Attend multiple meetings in different cities on the same day.
  • Have your ground transport and accommodation arranged for you to maximise efficiency.
  • Work on the plane without pesky space restrictions.

Oh, and you know that image of sparkling celebrities you associate with private jets? You can have a slice of that too if you wish, as Adagold can also offer personalised, gourmet meals on board, and champagne to celebrate a particularly successful business deal.

If you want to take a private jet to your business meeting be sure to contact the Adagold team for the pinnacle of aviation service.

To make an enquiry, please contact our friendly charter specialists at Adagold Aviation today!

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