How a Charter Flight Broker and Manager Can Save You Time and Money

21 Dec, 2020 | Adagold Luxe, News

When chartering a private jet, picking the right company and service can be daunting. But, there are professionals who take the hassle out of private jet travel and make sure you’re relaxed from take-off to landing. A charter flight broker could give you help you need.

For all first time charterers, the most crucial detail when acquiring a private jet is you have two options; to book through a charter flight broker or directly with the charter operator. A charter flight broker’s role is to source the client the best aircraft for their needs and manage the charter on their behalf. The operator’s primary role is to provide the charter service. 

If you plan on booking the trip yourself there are many different things to consider, like prices, destination, laws, etc. For newcomers and even experienced flyers, a charter broker and manager helps ensure your trip goes smoothly. 

It’s like booking a holiday through a travel advisor. While you are paying for a service, it will likely save you money in the long run. A good broker has an established group of connections and the ability to survey the entire market and pick out any deals which will benefit you. Booking directly through the operators leaves you with more decisions to make for your trip and may mean you are not supplied the best aircraft for your requirements. 

Here is why it’s beneficial to use a professional charter flight broker when looking for a private jet service:

Expert Opinions And Honesty

A charter flight broker is a specialist who represents their client and takes care of sourcing and leasing an aircraft and other services.  

A good broker will have an in-depth understanding of the industry which means their client will be partnered with trusted operators and offered the most appropriate aircraft for the job. A broker’s experience in the industry means they help meet your requirements and stop the possibility of you being sold something you weren’t aware of. An aircraft operator will generally offer the aircraft available in their hangar, which may not be the most suitable one for the task. Using a charter broker provides more options for an aircraft that meets your expectations and job requirements.

A good broker will be forthcoming about the finer details of an aircraft to ensure you are given the right information and have a comfortable trip. For example, the configuration of a Cessna Citation 2 with 8 seats is often 7 individual seats and 1 belted lavatory. This means one person will be travelling on a toilet seat for the entire trip; whilst this is a legal seat, it’s not the desired option. 

Trusted brokers will obtain any flight certificates and other documentation and insurance verification that may be needed. If it is your first time or 50th time booking a private charter, a broker takes care of all the stress, which leaves you with little more to do than relax and enjoy your trip. 

At Adagold Aviation, we are an aircraft charter management company that has managed more than 10,000 charters globally. We have 30 years of experience and are the experts of Australian air charter. 

We are more than a broker; we are also specialist managers of private aviation and can assist with all aspects of your trip. When you contact us, you will be dealing with a professional Charter Specialist whose experience and industry knowledge will provide you with top-tier advice and allow your charter to be completed as you require.

It is important you do your research before choosing which charter flight broker to deal with. Make the right choice by selecting a trusted Australian charter flight broker. 

Best Options

While an operator will only give quotes for aircraft in their fleet, a broker opens you up to several more options and helps patrol the entire selection before you make your decision. 

Charter brokers have spent their career developing relationships with several national and international operators. This contact base not only includes aircraft owners and operators, but ground support teams, caterers, airport authorities, cargo handlers, ground transport providers, fuel distributors, private terminal (FBO) operators and many more. A broker can help you get what you pay for and set you up with the right charter for the job.  

When considering a private charter, sometimes the cheapest option isn’t the most suitable service for you. Each private jet is like a car with unique functions and fittings. Get an idea of what you want by looking at our services


Less stress 

Aviation travel comes with a slew of rules and regulations to follow. For someone who wants to book a charter it can be discouraging. A broker understands the rules of aircraft travel. Instead of trawling over the legalities yourself, it is much easier and safer to trust a professional to scout your options. Experienced brokers are required to adhere to a set of rules concerning aircraft safety, Australian customs and pilot experience, which promises quality and integrity with their services. 

There are many other steps which casual fliers don’t consider. Instead of making a potentially problematic mistake, having a broker acquire a charter is a way to protect yourself. Each charter job has a variety of options to consider – price, size, luggage, runway considerations, pressurised cabin, etc. Knowing what type of aircraft best suits your needs, best places to stop and fuel up and the most convenient runway to land are all steps which need to be considered. A well-trained broker will know the most effective route, which will save money and time. 

If you decide on booking through a broker or independently, consider us at Adagold Aviation. We are Australia’s leading provider of air charters and aviation services. We have a wide range to choose from, and can get you to your next destination safely and in style. For an experience you’ll never forget, contact us or use an experienced broker.

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Want More Information?

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