How to Impress Your Investors with a Private Jet Charter

15 Sep, 2017 | Adagold Luxe, News, Travel and Tourism, VIP/Corporate

Adagold Luxe doesn’t just offer private jet charter for romantic getaways and luxurious escapes.

Our bespoke, Jet-Centric experiences are the perfect corporate relationship builders too.

We all know the importance of building relationships with business partners and valued clients. With our Jet-Centric corporate experiences, we offer prestigious, creative and unique ways to build bonds, reward loyalty and impress while having an immense amount of fun.

1. Invite them to a Platinum Poker Night

a trio of men laughing while drinking and gambling

Nothing says high stakes like potentially securing a lucrative partnership. Elegant poker nights aren’t just for James Bond – you can experience the mystery and adventure of a poker night. On this Jet-Centric experience, you’ll be whisked away from your office in a Lamborghini or a Tesla to your own private jet charter. From there we fly you to a mystery location for a night of rum, cards and business. Rest easy at your 5-star hotel before jetting home in the morning.

2. An iconic Sydney Harbour tour

Adagold Luxe Impress Investors Private Jet Charter

This experience works particularly well with international investors or partners who want to experience the iconic Sydney Harbour. Board your own private jet charter and fly to a VIP airport in Australia’s adopted capital city. Transfer via helicopter to your waiting Northrop and Johnson Superyacht where you can play tour guide, eat the finest foods and share a 5-star experience with your future business partners before being jetted home. If you seal the deal, you’ll be flying home on cloud nine!

3. Play a round of golf on one of Oceania’s world-famous courses

Adagold Luxe Impress Investors Private Jet Charter

Forget boardrooms, the green is where business deals are made. Not only is there plenty of time to learn about your potential investors/partners while putting, you also get to show off your best qualities. Golf is a fine test of character, you get to demonstrate your ability to think strategically, remain calm under pressure and show good sportsmanship. Plus, Adagold Luxe ensures that all of this is done on the finest courses in Oceania. We have partnered with the best of the best in South Australia, Tasmania, Queenstown, Fiji and more. After a fine game of golf, you can toast to your new relationship while flying over the Pacific Ocean.

4. Spend a weekend at a private oasis in the Byron Bay Hinterland

luxury pool at byron by resort

If casual and relaxed is more your style, or you’re entertaining a family/couple, then Unique Estates in Byron Bay could be the option for you. With access to a 25-metre lap pool, tennis court, wood fired pizza oven, outside dining areas, a large and well facilitated gym, yoga room and driving range, your guests will be totally chilled out and spoilt for choice with activities. This private estate is the perfect place to develop new ideas, bounce creative concepts around and make long-lasting relationships with important people in your industry.

Got something else in mind?

Adagold Luxe can customise and curate any experience for you, ensuring a truly memorable corporate trip. Do you like the idea of fishing around Australia? We know the perfect spots. Fancy a trip to Melbourne Cup? We can fly you there in style. Whatever you desire, we can make it happen. Contact us today to find out more!

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Want More Information?

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