Jekta Seals a Deal with MEHAIR for 50 Electric Amphibious Aircraft

12 Jul, 2023 | Adagold Aviation, News, Travel and Tourism

Switzerland-based Jekta has confirmed a significant purchase agreement for 50 of their electric PHA-ZE 100 amphibious aircraft, revealing Indian seaplane operator, Maritime Energy Heli Air Services (MEHAIR) as the enthusiastic buyer. A deposit has been placed for an initial batch of 10 aircraft with the option for an additional 40. MEHAIR is all set to pioneer these revolutionary planes in Asia, with delivery commencing from 2029.

Based in Mumbai, MEHAIR has a reputable history in the seaplane business since 2011. The initial ten seaplanes will carry up to 19 passengers each, facilitating regional connectivity and disrupting the usual private jet cost.

The acquisition of these innovative electric amphibious aircraft was a strategic decision, says Siddharth Verma, Director of MEHAIR. He asserts, “We are preparing to be among the inaugural aviation firms globally to run a zero-emission aircraft, bridging regional travel between terrestrial and aquatic structures.”

India, graced with a 7,400km long coastline and an extensive network of rivers, lakes, backwaters, and dams, is poised to embrace the seaplane revolution. As one of the fastest evolving aviation sectors, and with the world’s largest untapped seaplane geography, the PHA-ZE 100 is anticipated to revolutionise Indian travel, given its potential for fulfilling this amphibious opportunity.

MEHAIR, while servicing locations across the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Maharashtra, is also exploring new routes under India’s UDAN scheme. This government-led initiative aims to enhance connectivity between India’s smaller towns through subsidised air routes and infrastructure development.

Jekta’s CEO, George Alafinov, acknowledges the alignment of the company’s aircraft with the demands of a population seeking regional travel alternatives. “Our goal is to significantly reduce the cost-per-passenger-per-hour flight compared to existing seaplanes, redefine single-pilot operations, and attract a fresh workforce into aviation. All these align with supporting Indian amphibious operations,” he commented.

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The PHA-ZE 100 electric amphibious aircraft will conform to EASA CS-23 and US FAA FAR-23 standards for fixed-wing passenger aircraft. The flexible configuration of the PHA-ZE 100, inclusive of a 19-seat capacity, mixed economy/freight, VIP and ambulance options, ensures optimal utilisation of the stand-up cabin. The aircraft is particularly suited to serve coastal and island communities, regions currently limited by operational costs, and facilitate sustainable services between cities without requiring expensive land infrastructure.

Undoubtedly, the inclusion of these new seaplanes will showcase the potential of private jets, with a particular emphasis on the private jet cost and the accessible private jets prices. The PHA-ZE 100 acts as an affordable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional chartered flights and charter flights, effectively bridging the gap between private jet hire and private jets for hire in regions where access may be limited.

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