Lake Eyre in Flood Part 1

19 Jan, 2016 | Adagold Aviation, News

The Lake Eyre flood is an absolutely amazing sight. Thanks to heavy rainfall in early January, Lake Eyre in South Australia has once again become an ecological marvel which is best viewed from the air.

The 10,000 square kilometre salt pan which is normally dry has filled with flood waters from three rivers flowing into the lake.  Up to 183mm of rain fell on the region in just 36 hours which prompted a fast flowing fill of Australia’s largest lake.

lake eyre flood

This rare event has already attracted thousands of birds to Lake Eyre to breed, some of which are quite rare.  The colours and sights of the flooded lake have encouraged tourists from around Australia to travel by road and air to view the spectacular sight.  For many, seeing Lake Eyre flood has been on their ‘bucket list’ so now is the best time to tick it off.

It is expected that Lake Eyre will continue to fill for some weeks to come and could be flooded from months.

There is no doubt that one of the best ways to see the flooded Lake Eyre is from the air.  There is expected to be a high demand for aircraft in the region, so Adagold Aviation can assist you with your charter flight to view Lake Eyre.  Whether it’s a small or large group, we can find the best aircraft to meet your schedule and comfort needs.

Contact our Charter Specialists to discuss how we can help you tick off one more from your ‘bucket list’.

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