Never Miss A Moment – Adagold Helps Proud Father Watch Child’s Professional Footy Debut

28 Sep, 2021 | News

It was a dream come true for this Aussie dad who got to sit field-side when his child made their professional football debut just before the finals! How far would you go to watch your kid break into the big time? Read on to learn how Adagold helped this client with a charter flight.

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The proud father contacted Adagold Aviation on a Friday morning with a crucial wish to help him watch his kid play in their first pro footy match interstate the next Saturday morning.

With less than 24 hours notice, our team of professional charter flight specialists had plenty of time to organise a suitable aircraft; however, the main hurdles were crossing two borders to a remote location, through a state in COVID lockdown, as well as keeping within a moderate budget.

In just 30 minutes, Adagold had a solution. A twin-engine private jet was provided and took both parents of the player to the remote location. We ensured there was enough capacity for the fledgling sports star and all their equipment to return home with their parents quickly, comfortably, and safely.

What’s more, it was all done on a budget comparable to commercial transport and saved more than a day of travel for the parents and the athlete.

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No matter what your reason, Adagold Aviation has helped plenty of Aussies make it to the footy with plenty of time before kick-off. We work on your schedule and can help organise all facets to make your footy experience perfect. Our professional flight charter specialists can even help you find transport to and from the game and recommend one of our trusted travel agents to help you with accommodation.

It’s finals season in Australia – if you want to make your 2021 finals experience one to remember, then travel in style with Adagold Aviation. Even if you’re on a tight deadline, Adagold can transport you from remote locations across Australia to Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane for the NRL grand final.

If you want to be in the crowd for giant sports events, let Adagold be the ones who get you there in style – we can work on your deadline and have helped footy fans of any profession make their way to grand final venues.

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Want More Information?

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