PNG Earthquake Recovery

9 Mar, 2018 | News

Adagold Aviation has aircraft available to provide humanitarian relief to Papua New Guinea (PNG) following a 7.5 magnitude earthquake last week.

The quake struck PNG on February 26 destroying homes and killing over 55 people, with expectations that this toll could rise to more than 100.

Aid to the area has been slow, due to the remote location of the region and severe local airstrip damage. However, Adagold is now able to offer fixed wing and rotary passenger, medivac and cargo aircrafts immediately.

Adagold Aviation has extensive experience providing charter flights services for humanitarian relief efforts and can offer the following aircrafts to companies and others in need.

King Air B200 currently based in Port Moresby with the following capabilities;

  • Medevac function with stretcher and four seats
  • 10 commuter seats
  • Cargo function with cargo door (opening 1.3m x 1.3m) can fit items up to 6m long

Bell 214B ‘Heavy Lifter’ helicopters (can be positioned ASAP from Australia)

  • Up to 3 ton lift capacity
  • 2.5 hour endurance
  • Up to 12 Passengers
  • Cruise speed 130 kts

Large Fixed Wing Freighters (available from S.E Asia and Australia

  • BaE-146 (7 ton payload)
  • B737 Freighter (14-ton payload)
  • IL-76 (45-ton payload)
  • AN-124 (100-ton payload)

Added benefits of choosing Adagold for humanitarian efforts.

Immediate response

In emergency situations, immediacy is essential. With extensive experience in humanitarian situations and a 24/7 hotline, Adagold can provide immediate assistance to support aid efforts.

Delivery and emergency transport

While most humanitarian efforts are focused on providing aid to affected areas, Adagold can also offer emergency transport out of the affected area, including Medevac capabilities.

Extensive access

During times of natural disaster, access to commercial airports and airstrips may be limited and affected. Adagold’s ability to access remote areas as well as commercial and non-commercial airstrips allow humanitarian aid to be delivered where it is needed most.

Charter specialists

Humanitarian rescues and aid delivery are complex in nature and have a set of unique challenges. During times of crisis, Adagold’s charter specialists will provide comprehensive and stress-free support. Our specialists will ensure aircraft charter, trip planning, logistics and on-ground support are organised without any added fuss.

24/7 international access

In times of crises, an immediate response is essential, with our 24/7 international hotline, you can organise an aircraft to suit your needs at any time and from any time zone. Contact us today if you need assistance.

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