Private Jet Charter: The Easiest Way to Travel as a Group

13 Jun, 2018 | Adagold Luxe, Groups, News, Travel and Tourism

Travelling as a large group can be very stressful, especially if you need to travel some distance. There’s the anxiety involved with keeping everyone together, as well as getting through security checks, keeping track of baggage and managing customs for international flights. It’s no wonder you touch down at your destination with a massive headache!

But flying as a group doesn’t have to give you a migraine. Have you considered private jet charter instead? It’s the most convenient, streamlined process you can hope for when travelling as a corporate group, sports team, government body, VIP entourage or when conducting a school trip. Large groups like this require special attention, and private jet charter can take a significant weight off the shoulders of the person in charge of all these people. Read on to find out how private jet charter can ensure the success of your next trip with a large group, team, corporation or institution.

No Airport Delays

The most enticing element of travelling via private jet charter is the fact that you can skip all of those long queues at the airport to check-in baggage, pass through security and board the plane. If you already have a large group, you don’t want to be lining up with everyone else to get through security. It’s painful and all too easy to lose track of people. Keep everyone together with a streamlined private boarding experience.

Travel at a time that suits you

When flying with commercial airlines, you are restricted to set timetables that may not suit your itinerary. This can be frustrating when you’re trying to meet deadlines. Especially when flights are delayed or cancelled. When flying via private jet charter, you choose what time your group embarks on a journey. No ridiculously early starts or late arrivals. Just organised, convenient flights that arrive on time, every time.

Fly direct to your destination

Another common issue involved with flying with commercial airlines is that of limited access to particular airports. Often multiple stopovers will be necessary to get between two destinations. This is especially exasperating when you know that there is a closer airport that commercial planes either do not stop at or cannot fly to directly. Many private air charter companies have access to smaller airports that are not visited by commercial airlines. They have the ability to plot a route straight to your destination so that you can maximise your time.

Your ground transport is arranged for you

Organising ground transport to and from the airport can also be challenging with large groups. You may need to enlist the help of a local bus company, book multiple train tickets or try your luck flagging down a fleet of taxis at your destination. But this can cause you to lose track of people, which is particularly frightful when managing minors or school children. Keep everyone together and reach your destination at the same time by allowing your private jet charter company to take care of your ground transport as well. Chater flights companies like Adagold Aviation have access to exclusive deals, and strong relationships, with local transportation companies in various towns and cities across Australia and the globe. Adagold can arrange everything for you ahead of time so that you can relax knowing all forms of transport are organised.

Bespoke in-flight services

Managing a large group during a flight can be a lot of pressure. There’s entertainment to consider, dietary requirements for meals and the logistics of undertaking business meetings while in the air. Adagold Aviation can provide you with a Charter Manager to accompany your flight so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Your crew are also highly qualified and there to fulfil your needs at all times. Adagold can tailor catering to suit your group’s specific requests and organise in-flight entertainment, so everyone enjoys a five-star experience.

Corporate branding and special group treatment

At Adagold we find one of the best things about large group charters is the ability to set the entire aircraft up with custom branding, such as specially designed headrest covers, company napkins and personally designed menus. Training and interactive activities can occur during the flight making positive use of the travel time. It is often the smallest details that make the biggest difference to satisfaction of guests and clients.

Contact Adagold Aviation today to arrange a private jet charter for your corporate group, sports team, government body, conference delegates, VIP entourage, school or institution.

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Want More Information?

Our Charter Experts Are Here To Help.