Client Requirement

We recently had a client who required a charter flight to investigate a number of remote locations for potential new business opportunities in remote Queensland locations including one in far North Queensland. Previously, our client had organised their own aircraft charters but due to the complexity of this task they were having trouble finding an aircraft operator who could meet their needs. They approached the team at Adagold Aviation to seek assistance in organising their next requirement.


The client required a cost and time effective service that still met their comfort requirements. There were a number of operational challenges to overcome, particularly with constraints of various airstrips and also on flight crew restrictions. Adagold Aviation worked with the aircraft operator to formulate an aviation solution to meet the client’s requirements for aircraft, crew and the time required on the ground in each location. The plan was communicated to the client and a detailed overview of the day’s proceedings was provided.


The night prior to the charter the client called and wanted to substitute a destination due to an unexpected change of plans. The charter flying time was very similar to the previous itinerary and due to our good working relationship with the aircraft operator there were no extra charges added for the change in plans.


There are always various issues that arise behind the scenes when flying to remote locations but with the depth and understanding of the industry and the operational nuances of individual aircraft that the team at Adagold Aviation have, we were able to offer a smooth and cost effective charter for the client and take all the headache out of the process for them.