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24 Aug, 2016 | Adagold Aviation, News, Teams and Groups, VIP/Corporate

At Adagold Aviation we are currently planning some great leisure and recreation tours and events tailored for corporates who wish to show some extra special appreciation to their best business partners. We would love to hear where you think would be a great recreational or corporate VIP relationship-building experience.

Dream big, there are so many awesome events across the country and not all are easily accessible. Others are just a whole other level of fun if you are travelling in style with your chosen group on a private jet charter.

What does this give you that you can’t get on a commercial flight you may ask?

For starters, it’s the flexibility to plan the trip in its entirety around your timeframe and needs. The ease of avoiding all the usual delays in crowded domestic and international terminals, while others are in the check in queue you are making your way through a private jet terminal with your friends, enjoying a refreshment of your choice in peace and comfort. Another benefit is that you can sit back and start enjoying the adventure from the get go. Finally, my favourite part, if you are mixing business with leisure there is no time wasted in public airports and sitting on the flight twiddling your thumbs or deleting old emails. You can get the agenda started while in the air and your best business can be done in privacy before you land.

Time is money and we save you time as well as create epic moments for a relationship-building experience. Guaranteed to strengthen corporate or recreational relationships.  Contact us today.

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