The Benefits of Aircraft Charters for School Trips

7 Sep, 2018 | News

Travelling in groups is no easy feat, and when you add school-aged children into the mix, it doesn’t get any easier.

When organising a trip for students, chaperones and teachers, there are a variety of things that could go wrong. From not being able to fit all the attendees on the one flight to lengthy delays and frustrating timetables, flying commercially in a group is a disaster waiting to happen! So what other options do you have? An alternative not commonly discussed is hiring a private charter.

Have we piqued your interest? Keep reading to find out more benefits of using charter flights for school trips.

Aircraft Charters for School Trips

Keep everyone together

Travelling should be an exciting and carefree experience. However, when travelling with a large school group, the journey can turn into one of stress and panic if plans go awry. For example, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to split a school group up onto different flights to get them to the same destination. Not only is it a nightmare ensuring a chaperone is kept with all of the children, but it also adds more time and stress to the journey. Hiring a private jet charter ensures students and chaperones will be kept together. And if absolutely necessary two charter flights can arrive at the destination in close succession. This is the flexibility you are afforded when hiring a private jet charter.

Fly when it suits you

Can’t book into your hotel until late in the afternoon? Don’t know what to do with 60 children between your landing and check-in times? When hiring charter flights, this won’t even be an issue! In fact, you’ll be able to fly at a time that suits you, now that’s efficient!

Aircraft Charters for School Trips

Cost-effective and efficient

On a school trip, it’s imperative to maximise activity time, and limit wasted travel time, because, after all, you want the kids to get the most out of the experience. When hiring a private jet charter, you’ll be able to tailor the travel itinerary to your needs. This, combined with the ability to keep everyone together in one group will ensure your travel is cost-effective and efficient. Now that’s something both parents, and the school board will all be grateful for!

Customise your travel

Concerned about specific dietary requirements of some of the children but don’t want them to miss out? When hiring a private jet charter, you have the option of tailoring the food on board to suit specific dietary requirements.

Aircraft Charters for School Trips

Safety first

Safety is imperative for any travel, however, when on a school trip, the protection of children is of the utmost concern. Hiring a private jet charter will afford you the luxury of increased safety and more attentive service when it comes to boarding and departing the aircraft.

Charter specialists to step you through the process

Tracking and organising a large number of students is no easy feat. But never fear, Adagold takes the hard work out of coordinating with the help of our charter specialists. After a few simple questions, your charter specialist will sort out the logistics of your flight, secure an aircraft and make all the arrangements on your behalf. And, if you’re in need of extra assistance at the airport, our charter specialists can meet you there to ensure you make it onboard as swiftly as possible.

Wondering if charter flights will work for your school trip? Contact Adagold to talk to a charter specialist today.

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Want More Information?

Our Charter Experts Are Here To Help.