The Benefits of Aircraft Charters for Sports Teams & Sporting Events

3 Sep, 2018 | Adagold Luxe, News, Travel and Tourism

Travelling with a group can be a logistical nightmare if it isn’t planned correctly. And those logistical nightmares can, in turn, wreak havoc on a team in solid preparation for an important game.

Business class on commercial flights may grant you the ability to skip the queue and gain some extra customer service, however, you’ll still be at the mercy of changing schedules and long delays. In comparison, transporting your sports team via private jet charter will allow you to completely customise your travel. From the schedule to personalised food, your team will arrive rested and ready for a win.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, we’ve created a list of all the reasons why you should use private jet charter flights when transporting a sports team.

Fly at your own time

When preparing a team for an important game, time is of the essence. Long delays and timetable restrictions are not ideal game preparation. That’s where the advantage of hiring a private charter come into play. When you hire a private charter you’ll be able to choose a travelling schedule to suit your team’s needs, not the airlines. You’ll also have the added advantage of not being delayed by scheduling changes.

Don’t leave anyone behind

We all know the most important part of being in a team is to look out for each other. At Adagold, we take this very seriously, ensuring we can find an aircraft charter to suit your needs. That means we’ll either find a private jet that will fit all of your team or more than one aircraft which will arrive at the destination in the same time frame. This will keep your players together, increasing efficiency and preventing unnecessary transfers to and from the airport.

Your gear is treated as well as you are

Have you ever seen those videos of commercial aircraft attendees throwing bags when loading and unloading? It’s enough to send shivers down your spine even when you only have soft clothing in your suitcase. The thought is made worse when you have thousands of dollars worth of equipment with you. In comparison, the service on a private jet charter couldn’t be more different. Regardless of what sport you play, Adagold will ensure your team’s equipment is handled with care.

Customised food

Worried about flying with special diets or specific nutritional meal plans for your team? Worry no more because Adagold can supply your aircraft with any food you may require. No matter what kind of diet your team is on, Adagold will ensure you’re only served the best of the best. Because we know the importance of good nutrition when it comes to a winning game!

Personalised service

Want to hype your team up for their big game? Adagold can ensure the interior of your aircraft is customised with team colours and logo. We also have the ability to adorn the interior of the aircraft with custom branding, including branded headrest covers, team napkins and personalised napkins.

Ready for a win

There’s no denying a long flight, and even longer delays can cause havoc to a team’s mental and emotional state. However, hiring a private jet charter ensures timely travel to your destination with no waiting around due to unnecessary delays. This will also decrease the amount of stress the team endures throughout the journey and increases the opportunity to relax and sleep. After all, pre-game prep is incredibly important to add another win to the tally.

Need a solution for your team’s travel needs? Contact Adagold Aviation today to discuss your next journey via private jet charter.

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Want More Information?

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