The Best Bulls Are Worth Flying Via Private Jet For!

1 Oct, 2021 | News

When a good bull goes on sale, it doesn’t last long! And for one recent Adagold Aviation client, there was no time for 12-hour drives or COVID-19 checkpoints getting between them and first pick of the best bovines. Flying via private jet was the only way, given the ongoing cancellations and uncertainty in commercial airlines.

The client contacted Adagold with one day’s notice before a must-see cattle sale in the next state over, and in the current COVID climate, they were looking to defeat a number of odds in order to secure their next prized bull. Time is money, and between traffic snarls, lengthy border checkpoints and the general stress of travelling across the country in these times, it only made sense to contact Adagold for a private jet charter aircraft solution.

In less than 30 minutes, Adagold’s team arranged a quick and affordable, turbo-prop aircraft that turned this client’s 12-hour road expedition into a safe and comfortable 90-minute flight. Beyond that, the Adagold team went over and above – ensuring that they’d contacted government authorities to ensure that this client was able to pass state borders and that their movements across the country remained within the COVID restrictions at all times.

After the cattle sale, Adagold’s client flew home early, refreshed and well-stocked with some of the best bovines that the sale yards had to offer. The client left us with the closing statement, “The best bulls are worth flying for!” and that they are.

Here at Adagold, we’re proud to help many individuals, groups and organisations arrange private jet charter services in Australia and internationally – for more reasons than you could possibly imagine. To find out more about our services, and how we can help you, contact us now.

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Want More Information?

Our Charter Experts Are Here To Help.

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