The Dassault Falcon 900 – A Perfect Mix Of Might & Grace

15 Jun, 2021 | Adagold Luxe, News

Soaring through the air in the Dassault Falcon 900 is akin to floating on the clearest waters in the world. As the earth beneath you fades away, you may feel completely untethered and free to explore the globe as you wish. This masterful long-range soarer can travel 6300kms before needing to refuel, so it will get you exactly where you need to go in total comfort. 

The Dassault Falcon sets the standard for reliability, style and versatility. Complimented by sleek, fashionable interiors of polished woods and buttery leathers, this private aircraft perfectly blends comfort with practicality. This model is one of the larger business jets, which gives you more room to play around. The ergonomic interior has allowed for more open space, making the experience feel more like a hotel stay instead of a flight. 


alt="Dassault Falcon Interior"

A Look Inside The Dassault Falcon 900


Jet Type: Tri Jet Engine VIP Long-Range Aircraft 

Flight Crew: 1 Captain, 1 First Officer, 1 Flight Attendant 

Passengers: 14 available (including the divan seating) 

Peak Comfort Level: 8-10 Passengers 

Baggage Allowance: 30kgs (per passenger) 

Range: 6,300 kilometres

Inside the aircraft are several soft leather seats that recline into flat beds, two divan couches in the rear, fully enclosed lavatories at the front and rear of the cabin and section dividers creating dual passenger zones. 

The magnificently appointed leather and exquisite finishes make for the perfect five-star dining location. The Dassault Falcon is a favourite for regular private jet fliers who want to reach the most desired locations around the globe

The personal touches add just as much value as the gorgeous interiors. Pamper yourself with Italian hand towels, the best soaps and hand creams in the bathroom and fresh flowers. Treat yourself to the flight bar and sip bubbly, scotch or anything that meets your preferences. 

alt="Dassault Falcon interior"

The Exhilaration Of Take Off

This luxury jet was fittingly named the Falcon, and upon witnessing the precise power it uses to take off and land, you’ll understand why. The Dassault Falcon 900 has sublime performance on the airstrip, taking off and landing with advanced accuracy. Using its three jet engines and trademark Falcon reliability, it can land in the most beautiful and remote locations where other large VIP jets may not. 

alt="Two people enjoying a meal in the Dassault Falcon 900"

Freedom To Explore 

Enjoy the brevity of takeoff in this large VIP jet. Board straight away and avoid lineups and clustered seating that comes with commercial flying. Take your time to bask on the runway and look out over the expansive blue sky as you climb the steps to your private charter. Boarding always feels special when you hear the whirring of the jet engines firing up and take in the powerful scent of aviation fuel in the air. 

Take a seat in your masterfully made leather chair and prepare for takeoff. Within a blink, you will find yourself high above the ground travelling 460 knots per hour with a climb rate of 3700 feet per minute. The generous cabin size makes moving around easy. Change seat to chat with friends and family, or reposition yourself to one of the lounge or dining areas. 

There are plenty of ways to soak in the luxurious features. Enjoy exceptional in-flight service with an attentive host who will cater to your needs. Enjoy professional complimentary flight meals and beverages made with your dietary requirements in mind. 

Want to experience the might and grace of the Dassault Falcon 900 for yourself? Adagold Aviation can organise a deluxe, private travel experience anywhere in the world. For almost 30 years, Adagold Aviation has provided aircraft charter management services for celebrities, musicians and their supporting entourages across Australia and the world. Want the journey of a lifetime? Contact us today

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