The Learjet 60 – A Rollercoaster Take-Off & Smooth Soaring

23 Jun, 2021 | Adagold Luxe, Groups, News, Travel and Tourism

When it comes to taking to the sky, few things match the sheer power of the Learjet 60. It doesn’t just fly; it rockets. This roller coaster of a private jet wastes no time as it takes off quickly and climbs at incredible speeds before settling into a comfortable soar for the duration of the flight. 

The Learjet 60 is a favourite for pilots and regular time-sensitive VIPs alike. While powerful, this mid-size jet is far from intimidating. Expert control functions and astounding handling make sure you feel secure and untouchable as you slice through the sky.


A Look Inside The Learjet 60


Jet Type: Twin Jet Engine VIP Mid-Size Jet 

Flight Crew: 1 Captain, 1 First Officer, 1 Flight Attendant (optional)  

Passengers: 7 available (including 2 divan seats) 

Peak Comfort Level: 5 Passengers 

Baggage Allowance: 30kgs (per passenger) 

Range: 4,278 kilometres


Despite its slender build, the aircraft’s seating and cabin design make moving around a breeze. Rest easily in the smooth, swiveling leather recliners accompanied by writing desk tables. The cabin makes the most out of space where it counts, focusing on ample elbow and legroom passengers.


No Time Wasted Aboard the Learjet 60

The Learjet 60 promised a lot – but more importantly, it delivered. This aircraft is sleek and well designed for luxurious comfort and privacy, with excellent sound insulation and super-smooth performance. But she’s not all looks; the aircraft can reach a range of around 4500kms and sits on an economy cruise speed of 423kts.

The main appeal of this Learjet model is its ability to climb to cruise levels quickly and cruise comfortably but fast. It holds seven world speed records and blitzes past other jets of a similar make. The manual states the Lear 60 will climb 1371.6 metres per minute on both engines. And that’s holding back for passenger comfort. It can easily soar above difficult weather conditions, and thanks to its heavy wing loading, the Lear 60 always offers very smooth flights even through turbulent areas.

A Staple Private Jet

The Learjet is easily one of the most identifiable private jet names. This jet brand has appeared on the silver screen for decades and gives off a classic Hollywood aesthetic. The Learjet was the first aircraft to start the trend of VIP private, light and mid-range jets. 

If you like feeling the power of the vehicle you’re in, the Learjet 60 is a must-experience flight. It’s ideal for thrill-seekers and can offer a comfortable flight for those who want to soak in the VIP experience. Take advantage of the immaculate luxury and unrivalled speed aboard the Learjet 60. Want to book your charter today? Adagold Aviation can have you in the air ASAP.

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Want More Information?

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