Top 3 Destinations To Visit When International Borders Open

24 Feb, 2022 | News, Travel and Tourism

In a recent announcement, Australia’s Prime Minister declared that international borders will be opening from late February to all fully vaccinated Visa holders. Not only does this mean that many long-awaited returns can finally take place, it means that Australians with the travel bug, who have been eager to get back out into the world are now able to leave, and return, without fear of border closures or flight cancellations. This is incredible news for Australians and international arrivals alike.

So, in light of this news, we’ve put together a list of top travel destinations that you should consider once the international borders open back up. Read on to find out where they are, and remember – if you’re looking to travel in luxurious private jet style – Adagold can help!

Please note: The following information has been sourced at the time of writing and is subject to change. For the most current advice, always seek guidance from your local or state government’s website.

Destination 1: Canada

Like its neighbour, the United States, Canada has been accepting fully vaccinated arrivals for some time now. With its lush landscapes and endless room to explore, Canada is easily first on the list of our top destinations for travel once international borders open. With its wide-open spaces and lush landscapes, there is no question that Canada is the place to visit if what you need is a moment away. It’s been a tough couple of years for everyone, and this is definitely the place to relax, enjoy yourself and feel like you’ve taken a moment to breathe.

Better yet, you can up the privacy level to the maximum with the help of Adagold’s charter management services. Say the world, and we’ll have you jet setting to this beautiful nation – away from what are about to be extremely busy airport terminals and commercial flight lounges. Given that most destinations will require a negative COVID-19 test, staying away from the crowds right until the last minute could be your best bet at that much-needed getaway.

Destination 2: Thailand

Another standout destination for those looking to travel once international borders open is Thailand. A nation that is rich in culture, and great for those who love to get outside their comfort zones, Thailand is another destination that is (for the most part) quarantine-free for all fully-vaccinated travellers, whose health insurance covers COVID-19. Before taking off, travellers must register for a Thai Pass and produce the required documents to receive approval to enter. While it is worth noting that there are some restrictions still in place in Thailand, they are not unlike those in place in Australia such as a mask requirement indoors and outdoors.

The reason we chose Thailand to highlight in this article is because of its versatility as a tourism destination. Do you love to shop until you drop? Head to Bangkok. Prefer a relaxing beach and boat day? Phuket might be for you. Want to see that rich culture and heritage we mentioned earlier? Drop into Chiang Mai. Regardless of the destination, Adagold’s team of charter flight experts can get you there.

Destination 3: Australia

Now, we know that you probably didn’t expect to see Australia on a list of destinations to visit when international borders open. However, international borders opening does not deter us from the stupendous destinations that exist within our own backyard, here in the land down under. While the borders are opening, the general consensus is that a lot of people are worried about the ever-changing restrictions, and more, are worried about contracting the virus while overseas and experiencing a bumpy ride home. If that’s you, have no fear. There is no judgement here if your grand getaway is not an international one at all.

Aside from Western Australia, the entire country is now open quarantine-free for those who are fully vaccinated and able to produce a negative COVID test result. From the outback of Northern Territory to the beaches of Queensland, to Tasmania’s beautiful mountain ranges – there is very little room for disappointment here in Australia. The best part? Adagold specialises in this kind of private jet city-hopping, and we’ve got plenty of partnerships across the nation for almost any experience you could be looking for.

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Needless to say, the reopening of Australian international borders is huge – and we’re here to make travelling again the most seamless and relaxing experience possible. After two long years isolated from the world, it’s time to kick your feet up and let us do the hard work for you.

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