Top 8 Travel Destinations in 2018

22 Dec, 2017 | Adagold Aviation, News, Travel and Tourism

1. Scandinavia

Adagold Scandinavia

There’s nothing more inspiring than epic expanses of forest, volcanoes, lakes and glaciers. Dubbed as the best destination for hiking in 2018, Europe’s big north offers rugged fjords, the stunning aurora borealis, sledding behind Huskies, ice fishing and romantic nights in snow igloos. Scandinavia is raw, natural beauty.

2. Germany

Adagold Germany

Explore the soul-stirring scenery, romantic palaces, snow-capped mountains and rich history in Germany. Walk along the remnants of the Berlin Wall, sleep in medieval castles and experience the cultural kaleidoscope of the streets, as you wander through art museums, cabaret shows and gothic buildings. If you like history, gastro delights and exquisite architecture, Germany is the destination for you in 2018!

3. Antarctica

Adagold Antarctica

While it might seem bleak and remote, Antarctica is a destination that has been growing in popularity every year. No place is more surreal or extraordinary. Experience the grandeur of enormous ice shelves, the sheer expanse of the mountain ranges and the abundant wildlife. Let your mind soar in this magical polar landscape.

4. Scotland

Adagold Scotland

If you’re looking for ancient monuments, famous battlefields and legendary myths, Scotland is the destination for you! Famous for the Loch Ness monster, Shakespeare’s Macbeth and the wonder of the Northern Lights, this beautiful country is predicted to be a winner for many in 2018. Think mysterious standing stones, fine castles, lavish architecture and audacious red-headed Vikings. There is so much to see and do in the beautiful country!

5. Turkey

Adagold Turkey

The stuff of fairytales and daydreams, Turkey is a whimsical country with delicious cuisine, golden beaches and fascinating architecture. Float over the beautiful countryside in a hot air balloon or take to the air in an adrenalin-packed paragliding flight. Turkish food is heart-warming and eating together is a time-honoured tradition. Indulge in baklava, dolma, kebabs and authentic Turkish delight.

6. Romania

Adagold Romania

While it’s probably not the first destination that pops into your mind for a 2018 trip, Romania is a dazzling destination you won’t want to miss. Featuring time-worn stone churches, jaw-dropping monasteries, folk museums and a plethora of medieval castles to choose from, this colourful country is charming and layered with history.

7. Mauritius

Adagold Mauritius

Nothing compares to the heavenly beaches and sapphire-blue waters of Mauritius. Luxury resorts are dotted along the coastline with spectacular views of the Indian Ocean. Kick back and relax in the pool or decide between kitesurfing, boat trips to nearby islands, diving, snorkelling, horse riding, golf courses or world-class restaurants. Spend a week of 2018 on the island of Eden – you won’t regret it!

8. Peru

Adagold Peru

Visitors to the splendid Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu in Peru have increased tenfold over the past few years. And 2018 is set to big the biggest year yet for tourism! Explore ancient remnants of lost civilisations and sample the bounty of the local food markets. Spot scarlet macaws in the Amazon and spend a day enjoying adrenalin activities like zip-lining, rafting and biking through the mountains.

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