Traditional Luxury At Its Best – The Hermes Estate

30 Nov, 2020 | Adagold Luxe, News

Luxury estates are the perfect place to forge new, and lasting memories with those you hold closest, or find the much-needed privacy to unwind and focus. 

Australia has some stunning private estates that highlight the majesty and power of the country’s environments and cities. From lively jungles to sloping plains and red ochre deserts, the Country has so many varied locations. In each location is a private resort to help you appreciate the land a little more with each visit. 

When visiting luxury, exclusive, private estates, it is often difficult to source your own transport because of how isolated the locations are. At Adagold Luxe we are experts in private jet charter flights and know how to find the best/most cost-effective option to get you to whatever destination you desire. 

We add value to your visit by organising the most efficient and luxurious means of transport so you can spend more time at your destination, and less time arriving. 

For example, take the decadent Hermes Estate – an ultimate Australian lifestyle retreat located fittingly along Promised Land Road, NSW. The estate is located in a difficult place to get for a high net-worth individual travelling from Sydney or Melbourne. 

Adagold can source a private jet charter flight and any additional transport which you may need to arrive comfortably at your holiday. Consider making the Hermes Estate your next retreat location and let us get you there. 

The best option is to connect you with a small, light jet exiting Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne and land in Coffs Harbour. Once landed we will offer the option of a 45 minute chauffeured drive to the mountain estate or possibly a local Coffs Harbour chopper operator to fly you directly to the destination.

Hermes Estate – A Godly Experience

Sharing a namesake with the Greek god of trade, wealth and luck, the Hermes Estate is as majestic as the deity it was named after. 

The Hermes Estate is a private, palatial, countryside retreat adorned with a golden and marble aesthetic. Located in the stunning Mid-North Coast of Australia, the estate is nestled next to the mossy banks of the pristine Never Never River

Exclusivity is the prime appeal of the retreat. The Hermes Estate offers an entirely bespoke, individual-focused experience that puts your needs front and centre. When leasing the entire, exclusive, paparazzi-free estate, you and your company will have every luxury and personalised comfort available. 

All the estate’s support staff will focus entirely on you. This includes a 24-hour concierge, private butler and private chef, plus other staff that live in separate quarters away from the estate so you can still enjoy absolute privacy. 

Stunning Accommodations Overlooking Jungle and Mountains

No matter if you’re bringing company or enjoying the facility on your own, the Hermes Estate’s suites are designed to offer vastly different experiences from one another.  

There are three unique suites: The West Wing – Mountain View Suite, the East Wing – Rainforest View Suite and the Dedicated Cigar Suite. Each has been carefully designed to highlight a different virtue of the surrounding landscape or the estate itself. The architecture and interior design all complement the pristine, fertile greenery which surrounds the five-star oasis. 

Your guests will adore chatting about the differences in their suites. If you’re enjoying your own company, then you’ll want to spend a night in each room to bask in the carefully crafted living experiences. 

The estate is also equipped with a Dedicated Media Room and a Personal Spa and Treatment Studio if you choose to unwind outside of your sleeping areas. 

As the only guest, you will have free range over the 5 acres of the estate’s manicured lawns and rugged forest and mountains.  

Dining Desires 

As special guests of the estate, all meals and generous snacks are included in the tariff. The personal chef will cater to your desires and create elegant fine-dining cuisines or more high-end casual meals. 

All high-end beverages and cigars are included, with optional higher-end wines and cigars available for an additional cost.

Pastimes For Unwinding or Adventure

Experience tranquillity by being pampered in the spa or bettering yourself by partaking in a variety of private wellness treatments. Soak in the company of your friends or loved ones in any of the living areas. Pick up a leather-bound book and nestle up in the contained private library. Your time is whatever you make it in the Hermes Estate, and the staff can meet any of your requirements. 

The local rainforest contains a selection of private swimming hole tours, lookout guides, horse riding and mountain bike riding tracks for guests who seek adventure on their getaway. The crystal clear Never Never River runs through the property, offering an excellent natural swimming hole. For those who don’t appreciate natural bodies of water, the large outdoor spa is available, hot or cold.

On a clear night, the Hermes Estate staff can organise a private Astronomy Session with a professor to teach you the secrets of the stars.

If you’re bringing the love of your life, the Hermes Estate offers secluded, indulgent escapes and isolation for selective couples. A public display of affection is not always the most romantic gesture – a private moment between two connected lovers will create beautiful, and personal memories. 

The Hermes Estate can provide secret elopements and private activities and tours to help make your special retreat seem like something from a movie.

Whether you are a wellness guest or a vacation guest, you will be warmly welcomed. The Hemes Estate Staff will eagerly look forward to showing the exquisite, tranquil beauty of the estate and surrounding area.

Now Is The Perfect Time To Visit 

The peaceful, healing environment is an unmatched location in Australia to recharge. And now with COVID-19 limiting international guests, it is the perfect time for Australians with affluent tastes to indulge in the unique experience. 

Because of limited international guests, the estate has lowered prices for Australian clients – however, the estate plans to install an infinity pool, with gym and sauna which will raise prices, so book now for the best prices. 

Current Prices (Children Under 18 Not Allowed At The Moment): 

3 Evenings (minimum):

  • 1-2 guests AUD 24,00
  • 3-4 guests AUD 34,000

4 Evenings 

  • 1-2 guests AUD 32,000
  • 3-4 guests AUD 42,000

7 Evenings

  • 1-2 guests AUD 56,000
  • 3-4 guests AUD 66,000

Let Us Help Get You There

If you’ve decided to visit the Hermes Estate and treat yourself with a private eutopia allow us to get you there. We offer luxury travellers the most exclusive experiences globally. Contact Adagold today to arrange transport to your holiday retreat and prioritise your privacy for the entire trip. 

Want More Information?

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Want More Information?

Our Charter Experts Are Here To Help.