Travel to TATTS Finke Desert Race via Private Air Charter

19 May, 2022 | News

If you like dust, dirt, adrenaline and the vast open landscapes of central Australia, the TATTS Finke Desert Race might be the event for you.

Each year, the two-day off-road race is held on the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend for bikes, cars and buggies through the Northern Territory’s harsh desert landscapes from Alice Springs to the small Aputula (Finke) community.

Booking a scenic flight with Adagold Aviation for the Finke Desert Race makes your travel part of the adventure. We can organise a private jet or suitable private air charter to Finke, so you waste no time getting to this once in a lifetime experience.

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The Finke Desert Race is one of the Northern Territory’s biggest sporting events and is also one of the most remote and punishing locations on the motorsport calendar. The stunning Central Australian Outback provides the backdrop for the event as ​​hundreds of vehicles battle it out for a chance at the top pedestal. The off-road, multi-terrain two-day race sees bikes, cars, buggies, and quads cross through desert country from Alice Springs to the small Aputula (Finke) community.

Obviously, it’s not easy to just pack your bags and journey into the heart of the outback. Well, with the help of Adagold Aviation, it actually is. Our expert charter flight specialists make it a breeze for you and your friends to fly directly to the Finke Desert Race. Skip the airport queues and take off directly in your own private charter flight.

If you’re a fan looking for a fast, easy, comfortable and time-efficient way to make the most of the Queen’s Birthday Long weekend and you want to get to Alice Springs or the Aputula Community, Adagold Aviation can help you with your charter flight plans.

Adagold Aviation Can Help Transport Racers, Vehicles & Race Teams To TATTS Finke Desert Race

Adagold Aviation can help transport motorsport athletes, crews, support teams, and all necessary equipment to the TATTS Finke Desert Race. Our charter flight specialists have 30 years of experience organising the movement of hi-profile VIPs and cargo items such as vehicles and spares needed in motorsport races. Utilising air charter directly to the event location race ensures you and your cargo arrives on time for the big race.

If you’re a team and need logistics support, Adagold has provided countless logistics solutions for our clients over our 30 years of service. Contact us now for information on a charter flight to suit your needs.

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Want More Information?

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