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Welcome aboard the Fairchild Metroliner, a tried and tested and reliable aircraft renowned for its robust performance and longevity. Ideal for groups, investor tours, Fly-In Fly-Out (FIFO) operations and cargo movements, the Metroliner offers both efficiency and comfort for Australian charter flights. Its versatility extends beyond passenger operations, catering to urgent freight transport, aerial surveying, and executive travel, making it a preferred choice for diverse aviation needs.

Whether it’s whisking away to remote mining sites or offering a swift passage across the country’s picturesque horizons, this Metro promises not just a journey, but an experience tailored to the unique demands of urban and rural Australian travel.

The Metroliner is more than a charter plane; it can be a mobile boardroom, a cargo carrier, and a gateway to the remote corners of the continent, all encapsulated in one dynamic aircraft.

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Aircraft Specifications

Aircraft Type


Flight Crew






Baggage Capabilities

1x soft check in bag, 1x carry-on per passenger

Other Features

Pressurised, Air Conditioned
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Capabilities of the Fairchild Metroliner

The Fairchild Metroliner has established itself as a dependable aircraft for Australian aviation industry chartered flights, offering a range of capabilities that make it suitable for various types of air charter services:

Performance: The aircraft is known for its reliability, which is essential for FIFO operations and ensures consistent service to even the most remote airstrips.

Versatility: Its use extends to cargo transport and aerial surveys, showcasing its ability to adapt to different aviation requirements.

Range: With the capacity to fly long distances without the need for refuelling, it connects distant locations with ease, making it a practical choice for covering the expansive Australian landscape.

Capacity: The interior can be configured to accommodate passengers or freight, providing flexibility for charter flight planning.

Operational Efficiency: Designed for efficiency, the Metroliner facilitates quick turnarounds, which is critical for maintaining tight schedules and optimising flight operations.

The Fairchild Metroliner’s capabilities make it a strong contender for those in need of a charter flight aircraft that is both reliable and flexible for various applications across Australia.

Specifications of the Fairchild Metroliner

The Fairchild Metroliner stands out in the Australian charter plane market for its combination of comfort and technical efficiency. The specifications that define this aircraft are:

Aircraft Type

As a pressurised aircraft, the Metroliner offers a comfortable cabin environment at cruising altitudes, which is a significant advantage for passenger comfort during longer flights.

Flight Crew

Operations require two pilots, which aligns with many mining and corporate aviation safety standards and ensures a safe and reliable flight experience.


The aircraft has a range of 1,100 kilometres or 595 nautical miles, making it adept at connecting a wide array of urban, regional and remote destinations within Australia.


With a cruising speed of 473 kilometres per hour or 255 knots, the Metroliner provides an efficient travel option, minimising time in the air.


It can seat up to 19 passengers, catering to group charters and offering flexibility for various types of travel arrangements.

Baggage Capabilities

Accommodations for baggage allow each passenger to bring one small soft check-in bag plus one carry-on, addressing the needs of nearly all passengers for short-term travel.

Other Features

The inclusion of a pressurised and air conditioned cabin ensures passenger comfort is maintained throughout the flight, a necessity in Australia’s often harsh and varied climate.

The specifications of the Fairchild Metroliner underscore its role as a reliable and practical choice for charter services, adept at meeting the travel needs of passengers across Australia.

private plane hire australia
private plane hire australia

Cabin Features of the Fairchild Metroliner

The Fairchild Metroliner’s cabin is thoughtfully designed to enhance the in-flight experience for all passengers, integrating comfort and functionality into every aspect of its interior. Cabin features that passengers can look forward to include:

Seating Comfort

The aircraft accommodates 19 passengers, with each seat crafted to provide comfort, even when the aircraft is at full capacity.

Luggage Accommodation

Passengers have the convenience of bringing along a small soft check-in bag and a carry-on, catering to the luggage requirements typical of private plane hire.

Cabin Pressurisation

A pressurised cabin ensures a comfortable environment at cruising altitudes, a valued feature for longer charter flights within Australia.

Climate Control

The air conditioning system maintains a comfortable cabin temperature, a critical element for passenger comfort in the varied Australian climate.

Interior Aesthetics

The cabin’s design and aesthetics aim to create an inviting space, enhancing the overall private jet hire experience.


The design of the cabin also prioritises ease of movement for passengers, making it a considerate choice for diverse charter airline operations.

These cabin features are integral to the Fairchild Metroliner’s offering, aligning with the expectations for private jet charter services and justifying the private plane cost for those seeking to charter an aircraft in Australia.

Cost to Charter the Fairchild Metroliner in Australia

Understanding the cost to charter the Fairchild Metroliner in Australia involves considering various factors that contribute to the overall pricing. These factors ensure that customers receive a service that is tailored to their specific travel needs and preferences.

Distance and Destinations: The cost is influenced by the flight range required for the trip, with longer distances generally leading to higher costs due to increased fuel consumption and crew hours.

Duration of Charter: The total time the aircraft is in use, including any layovers or waiting time on ground, can affect the charter cost, with longer bookings potentially offering a reduced rate per flight hour.

Operational Requirements: The price includes all operational aspects such as fuel, airport fees, pilot charges, catering, and any additional services requested by the client at quote stage.

Passenger Numbers: The Metroliner seats up to 19 passengers, and the cost per passenger can decrease as the number of passengers increases, making it more economical for larger groups.

Baggage Needs: Standard baggage allowances are included in the charter cost, but special baggage or cargo needs may incur additional charges.

Market Demand: The time of year and demand for charter flights can impact pricing, with peak travel periods typically attracting higher rates.


Indicative Rates for Chartered Flights

Brisbane – Roma – Brisbane same day return trip / FIFO crew swap for up to 19 passengers: $ 13,500 ex. GST

Brisbane – Gladstone – Brisbane same day return trip / fifo crew swap for up to 19 passengers: $ 12,800 ex. GST

For more routes and details, along with some examples of other aircraft & routes, visit our Private Jet Cost page. For accurate pricing, please contact Adagold Aviation for a detailed quote that will consider all the specifics of the intended charter.

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beechcraft baron charter flight

FAQs About Chartering the Fairchild Metroliner

When considering the Fairchild Metroliner for FIFO, business, and group charters, several questions often arise. Here are some of the most pertinent inquiries and their answers:

How does the Metroliner meet the demands of FIFO operations?

The aircraft is well-equipped for the unique requirements of FIFO, offering reliable service to remote locations.

What makes the Metroliner a good choice for business charters?

For business charters, the Metroliner provides a private setting, enabling teams to travel together saving time and maintaining productivity.

What advantages does the Metroliner offer for group charters?

Group charters benefit from the Metroliner’s capacity to carry up to 19 passengers, allowing for a cohesive travel experience and often a more cost-effective solution than commercial flights or larger charter aircraft.

What lead time is recommended for booking a charter?

To ensure aircraft availability and allow for meticulous planning, it’s best to book charters as far in advance as possible (more than 30 days is preferred), although Adagold will work hard to procure charter flights with short notice if necessary.

Are there customised catering options for business and group charters?

Yes, catering services can be customised to suit the preferences and dietary requirements of the group, ensuring a pleasant journey for all passengers.

What are the luggage limitations for business and group charters?

The standard luggage policy permits a small soft check-in bag (circa 10-15kgs) and a carry-on (circa 5kgs) per passenger, but provisions can be made for additional baggage or equipment as needed by the group subject to payload availability.

How do charter companies handle adverse weather conditions?

Charter companies closely monitor weather forecasts and have contingency plans, such as rescheduling or rerouting, to minimise disruption to travel plans.

What documentation is needed for business charter flights?

Standard identification and any additional documents required by the charter company or aviation authorities must be provided by all passengers such as a valid passport / visa, travel permits etc where applicable.

Why Book Chartered Flights with Adagold Aviation?

Selecting Adagold Aviation for your aircraft charter needs brings numerous advantages, thanks to our extensive experience and commitment to service quality in the aviation sector. Here are the reasons to choose Adagold when looking to charter an aircraft like the Fairchild Metroliner:

Expertise in Aviation: Adagold’s 30 years of experience in the aviation industry equips us with the knowledge to handle all aspects of charter flights smoothly and professionally.

Tailored Services: We provide personalised charter solutions designed to meet the specific needs of each client, whether for FIFO, cargo, business, or group travel.

Safety Record: Safety is a top priority at Adagold, and our focus on safety is a testament to our strict operational procedures and maintenance regimes.

Comprehensive Support: Adagold offers full-service support, handling every detail from the initial booking to post-flight procedures, for a hassle-free air charter experience.

Flexibility: We are equipped to handle various charter needs, from accommodating last-minute bookings to planning complex schedules.

Competitive Pricing: Adagold provides competitive pricing, balancing cost-effectiveness with high-quality service, to offer excellent value to our clients.

Reputation: Our reputation as a trusted and reliable air charter aviation provider in Australia is founded on consistent customer satisfaction and a commitment to excellence.

With Adagold, chartering a flight is more than a transaction—it’s a partnership that ensures your air charter needs are fully met with the utmost attention to detail and service quality.

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