Cessna Citation II Light Jet Provides Young Family Regional Travel Solution During COVID-19

15 Jul, 2021 | Adagold Luxe, News, VIP/Corporate

In the midst of 2021, the Coronavirus pandemic has taken the country by storm – closing state borders and therefore halting most commercial airlines. With this, the face of travel has changed entirely, and many Australians are looking for alternative options to family travel during COVID-19. A carefully planned road trip, avoiding any hotspots, tends to be the first port of call for most. However, this solution doesn’t work for everyone, and when it doesn’t, the options become limited.

This is where Adagold Aviation’s private jet charter flights can really help, as it provides the perfect solution for anyone required to travel – whether it’s for personal reasons or business.

For one young family on a personal trip to Regional Victoria, long drives with their small children were off the cards, and avoiding the bustle of domestic terminals was of the utmost importance. This family required a few key features; something comfortable, appropriate for landing in regional locations and a toilet for the children, making the new Cessna Citation II Light Jet the perfect jet for them.

alt="Young family in front of the Citation II chartered by Adagold"

The Cessna Citation II is a regular aircraft used by Adagold Aviation and is a stand-out model in its category. It’s a light, reliable private jet that is still stylish and luxurious to travel in. The cabin is pressurised, making it much more comfortable than its other counterparts. Furthermore, the Cessna Citation II is complete with all of the functions you may need (such as a toilet). Plus, it’s compact and therefore able to land on those more marginal, regional landing strips. If it’s not clear already, the Cessna Citation II is an all-encompassing all-rounder that is perfect for small family and work groups or those looking to arrive in locations considered ‘off the beaten track.’

That being said, finding a suitable model isn’t what truly makes the Adagold Aviation experience. And while accommodating the children played a significant role in the family’s decision-making process, it was even more critical to the Adagold team to ensure that the adults had a long-lasting and memorable experience too. So naturally, a few complimentary extras for the trip, including a bottle of bubbles, was the cherry on top and did not go unappreciated by the adults on the flight.

Whether you are travelling solo or as a family, for personal or business reasons, Adagold Aviation has a solution for you. We are a safe and swift solution to family travel during COVID-19.

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