Private Jet Charters: 5 Reasons Why Some Australian Companies Favour Them Over Commercial Flights For Business Travel

20 Feb, 2024 | Adagold Aviation, FIFO/Resources Industry, Fly2Work, News, VIP/Corporate

In an era where time is money, and efficiency is the cornerstone of success, Australian companies are increasingly turning towards private jets for their business travel needs. This trend is not just about luxury; it’s a strategic move to leverage the myriad of advantages that charter flights offer over commercial flights. Leading the charge in offering these bespoke air travel solutions is Adagold Aviation, a company with over three decades of experience in the aviation industry, providing unparalleled service to meet the specific needs of the business traveller.

Reason 1: Time Efficiency and Convenience

One of the primary reasons Australian companies favour private jets is the significant time savings and convenience they offer. Unlike commercial flights, private jets are not bound by the same schedule constraints or the necessity to navigate through busy airports. This translates to faster check-ins, shorter wait times, and direct point-to-point flights to closer airports, reducing overall travel time and enhancing productivity. The ability to schedule flights at a moment’s notice and adjust itineraries on the fly caters to the dynamic nature of business, ensuring executives can maximise their time on the ground.

Reason 2: Enhanced Privacy, Security and Biosecurity

Privacy and security are paramount in the corporate world, especially when travelling for sensitive negotiations or high-stakes meetings. Private jets provide a secluded environment where executives can discuss business matters confidentially without the risk of eavesdropping or interruptions. This secure setting not only protects intellectual property and business strategies but also offers a peaceful ambiance for high-profile individuals seeking discretion. The privacy afforded by private aircraft charter ensures that business can proceed uninterrupted, safeguarding the interests and safety of all onboard.

Reason 3: Customised and Flexible Scheduling

The flexibility in scheduling that private jets offer is invaluable for business travel. Companies can arrange flights around their specific needs rather than adjusting their plans to fit the limited and unreliable options of commercial airline schedules. This flexibility allows for last-minute changes, the ability to visit multiple destinations in a single day, and the convenience of flying out at times that suit the business itinerary best. It eliminates wasted time and enhances the efficiency of travel plans, making it possible to conduct business across different cities or countries with minimal downtime.

Reason 4: Superior Comfort and Amenities

Travelling on a private jet is synonymous with comfort and luxury. The aircraft are equipped with superior amenities, including spacious seating, custom meal services, and entertainment options, allowing passengers to relax or work in a comfortable setting. This personalised travel experience can significantly reduce the stress associated with long-haul flights and layovers, contributing to better mental and physical condition upon arrival. The emphasis on comfort extends to the ground services as well, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience from start to finish.

Reason 5: The Costs Stack Up

Contrary to common perception, private charter flights are becoming an increasingly cost-effective option for business travel, particularly in Australia. This is especially the case when you take into account the above points, and are travelling in regional Australia, or on a multi-leg trip. So let’s have a look at charter flight cost:

For instance, the Embraer Phenom 300, a sophisticated jet accommodating up to nine passengers, is available for approximately $6,500 per hour. For smaller groups or shorter distances, the Beechcraft Kingair 200, seating up to ten passengers, is offered at around $3,000 per hour. Alternatively the Beechcraft Baron presents a more economical choice at $1,200 per hour for five passengers, showcasing the diverse price range that can adapt to various business travel budgets and requirements.

A multi-leg day trip for eight passengers from Brisbane to St George and Charleville for cattle auctions, for example, totals around $13,500 plus GST. This includes approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes of flight time on a Beechcraft Kingair 200, underlining the efficiency and convenience of accessing remote locations not easily serviced by commercial airlines.

For more detailed breakdowns, check out our Private Jet Cost page.

Broader Examples of Aircraft Suitable for Business Travel

A wide range of aircraft are available in Australia for private charter, satisfying all scopes and budgets.

Private Jets For Large Groups:

The Boeing BBJ 737 and Fokker 70 cater to extensive corporate delegations, offering spacious cabins for comfort during long-haul flights.

Charter Flights For Speed and Efficiency:

The Cessna Citation X and Learjet 60 are ideal for rapid, efficient travel, minimising flight time between destinations.

Charter Planes For Short Hops:

The Beechcraft King Air 350 and Embraer Phenom 300E excel in accessibility and agility, perfect for quick trips to regional airports.

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