Dassault Falcon 7X

Private Jet Hire

For those considering a chartered flight experience in Australia, the Dassault Falcon 7X stands as a testament to high-end aviation technology and comfort. With its impressive speed and advanced navigation systems, the Falcon 7X ensures that you reach your destination swiftly, making it an ideal choice for domestic and international charter flights across Australia’s expansive landscapes.

The interior of the Falcon 7X is designed to offer the ultimate comfort and luxury. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, the spacious cabin can be configured to meet your needs, providing a quiet space to work or relax. The refined finishes and state-of-the-art facilities onboard amplify the luxury of your journey, promising a memorable charter flight experience.

Experience the convenience of personalised service with Adagold Aviation, a prominent name in private jet charters in Australia. With access to an extensive range of private jets for hire, including the sophisticated Falcon 7X, they offer tailored flight experiences that prioritise your safety, comfort and privacy, simplifying travel logistics and offering a seamless, hassle-free booking process.

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Private Jet Hire of Dassault Falcon 7X

Aircraft Specifications

Aircraft Type

Dassault Falcon 7X Private Jet

Flight Crew






Baggage Capabilities

1 x large intl suitcase and 1 x carryon per passenger x 12 passengers

Other Features

3 x Cabin Zones, Air-Conditioned, Berthable Leather Seats / Lie-Flat Beds, Lavatories, Hot and Cold Galley
Dassault Falcon 7x Private Jet

Features: Perfect for Charter Flight

Aerodynamic Private Jet Design

Tri-jet Configuration: The Falcon 7X features a unique three-engine design that enhances safety and enables the jet to land on shorter runways, a huge plus when considering remote destinations in Australia, the South Pacific, South East Asia and beyond.

Advanced Wing Design: Experience smooth charter flights courtesy of the Falcon 7X’s high aspect ratio wings, which significantly reduce drag and fuel consumption.

Cutting-Edge Technology

EASy Flight Deck: Pilots navigate with ease using the state-of-the-art EASy flight deck, making every charter flight a seamless experience.

Enhanced Navigation Systems: The Falcon 7X is equipped with advanced navigation systems, offering the most accurate flight paths and reducing travel time, a definite perk when calculating private jets costs.

Unparalleled Chartered Flight Comfort

Spacious Cabin: When you opt for private jet hire, the spacious cabin of the Falcon 7X ensures a luxurious experience.

Noise Reduction Technology: Enjoy a quiet, serene journey thanks to the jet’s noise reduction technology, allowing for a tranquil chartered flight.

High-Quality In-flight Entertainment: Keep entertained throughout your journey with the latest in-flight entertainment systems, enhancing your charter flight experience.

Gourmet Galley: The Falcon 7X features a gourmet galley, ensuring that you can enjoy exquisite meals during your chartered flight.

Luxury Amenities: Enjoy premium amenities like fully reclining seats and advanced climate control, features that underscore the luxury of private jets for hire.


Fuel Efficiency: Emphasising sustainability, the Falcon 7X boasts remarkable fuel efficiency, showcasing that luxury and environmental responsibility can go hand-in-hand in the world of charter flights.

Eco-Friendly Materials: The use of eco-friendly materials in the cabin interiors signifies a step towards more sustainable private jet travel.

Before diving deeper into what influences the private jet cost, let’s get to know these aircraft better.

Embraer Phenom 300: This late-model, light jet is revered for its speed and range. With a top speed of 838 km/h (521 mph) and a range of about 3,700 km (2,300 miles), it stands out in the light jet category. It can comfortably accommodate nine passengers and features a plush cabin with a leather interior, a unique sunken aisle, and a lavatory. Its performance capabilities combined with luxury make it a top choice for private jet charters.

Beechcraft King Air 200: This twin turbo-prop aircraft is an emblem of reliability, comfort, and versatility. It can comfortably seat ten passengers, making it an ideal choice for group charters. The King Air 200 boasts solid performance credentials, with a cruising speed of 502 km/h (333 mph) and impressive range of over 1,500 nautical miles (2,778 km).

Beechcraft Baron: This light, twin-engine piston aircraft is a cost-effective choice for short-range flights. With a seating capacity of five passengers, the Baron strikes a balance between performance, affordability, and comfort. It has a cruising speed of around 370 km/h (230 mph) and a range of approximately 1,514 km (942 miles).

Each of these aircraft offers a distinct set of features and capabilities, suitable for varying types of trips and budgets.

Falcon 7X Chartered Flight Performance

Phenomenal Speed and Range

Impressive Speed: The Falcon 7X is capable of reaching speeds up to 1111 km/h, allowing for quick and efficient travel across vast Australian landscapes. It stands as a beacon of excellence when considering how much does a private jet cost in terms of time saved.

Long-Range Capabilities: One of the standout features when opting for private jets for hire is the immense range the Falcon 7X offers, capable of covering distances up to 10,871 klms. This means you can reach distant destinations without the need for refuelling stops.

Exceptional Altitude Performance

High Cruising Altitude: The aircraft can cruise at an altitude of 51,000 feet, allowing it to avoid congested air traffic and turbulent weather, ensuring a smooth and comfortable charter flight.

Climbing Ability: With its powerful engines, the Falcon 7X has an impressive climb rate, reaching cruising altitude quickly to minimise your time in the congested airspace near airports.

Efficient Fuel Consumption

Fuel Efficiency: Despite its speed and power, the Falcon 7X showcases fuel efficiency that challenges the private jets prices generally associated with high-speed, long-range aircraft. This efficiency not only lessens its environmental footprint but can also result in lower private jets cost for charters.

Outstanding Landing and Takeoff

Short Runway Performance: An impressive feature of the Falcon 7X is its ability to takeoff and land on shorter runways compared to other jets in its class, expanding the list of accessible airports in Australia during your chartered flight.

Advanced Braking System: The jet is equipped with an advanced braking system, enhancing safety during landings, a feature that ensures peace of mind when you opt for private jet hire.

Maintenance and Reliability

Easy Maintenance: The Falcon 7X is engineered for easy maintenance, translating to less downtime and more availability for charter flights, which is a significant advantage when evaluating how much does a private jet cost in terms of availability.

High Reliability: Over the years, the Falcon 7X has proven its reliability, with high dispatch reliability rates ensuring that your chartered flight with Adagold Aviation runs as scheduled, smoothly and safely.

Dassault Falcon 7X private jets for hire
Dassault Falcon 7x  chartered flight

Cabin & Facilities That Make Charter Flights Unforgettable

Luxurious Interiors

Opulent Seating: The Falcon 7X boasts a cabin furnished with high-quality materials and luxurious seats, ensuring a comfortable and relaxed journey, whether for business or leisure charter flights in Australia.

Spacious Layout: With a cabin length of 11.91 metres (39 feet), width of 2.64 metres (8.7 feet), and height of 1.88 metres (6.2 feet), the Falcon 7X offers ample space to move around, work, or rest, maximising comfort during your private jet hire experience.

Advanced Amenities

Fully-Equipped Galley: The jet features a well-appointed galley capable of catering to a variety of culinary preferences, enhancing the chartered flight experience with gourmet meals and beverages.

Entertainment Systems: Stay entertained throughout your journey with state-of-the-art entertainment systems, offering a range of media options to suit every passenger’s taste, an essential factor when considering private jets prices.

Connectivity Options: The cabin is equipped with WiFi and satellite phone connectivity, allowing passengers to stay connected or work during the charter flight, making the most out of their time onboard.

Well-Thought Out Facilities

Private Rest Area: For those long-haul charter flights across Australia, the Falcon 7X offers private rest areas where passengers can lie down and enjoy a refreshing sleep, a feature that justifies the private jets cost associated with luxury travel.

Lavatories: The aircraft houses two well-designed lavatories, maintaining hygiene and comfort standards that are expected from a private jet of this class.

Luggage Capacity: The Falcon 7X offers considerable luggage capacity, allowing passengers to carry all necessary belongings without worry, making it a convenient option for private jet hire.

Safety on Falcon 7X Charter Flights

Cutting-Edge Avionics

Advanced Flight Control System: The Dassault Falcon 7X is equipped with a state-of-the-art EASy flight control system, promoting safer and more efficient flights, a crucial aspect that affirms the aircraft as a secure option for a chartered flight in Australia.

Enhanced Vision System (EVS): Equipped with an EVS, the Falcon 7X provides pilots with an unobstructed view of the flight path, significantly enhancing safety during night or low-visibility conditions, a feature that contributes to the private jets cost but guarantees safer travel.

Comprehensive Safety Measures

Emergency Equipment: The aircraft houses all necessary emergency equipment, including first-aid kits and life vests, reassuring passengers of their safety during private jet hires.

Flight Data Monitoring: A crucial safety feature in modern charter flights, the continuous monitoring of flight data ensures that every aspect of the journey is under scrutiny, allowing for real-time adjustments to enhance safety.

Rigorous Training and Certification

Pilot Training: Dassault, and our charter flight operators place a strong emphasis on rigorous pilot training, ensuring that every flight is commanded by experienced and well-trained pilots, guaranteeing peace of mind when considering the private jets prices.

Maintenance and Inspections: Regular and comprehensive maintenance schedules and inspections are a standard practice to ensure that the jet remains in optimal condition, a commitment to safety that is non-negotiable in private jet hire.

Safety as a Priority

24/7 Support: When you opt for a Falcon 7X charter flight with Adagold, you benefit from round-the-clock support, ready to assist with any concerns or emergencies, ensuring a safe and secure flying experience.

Compliance with Safety Regulations: Adagold is dedicated to adhering to international and regional safety regulations, showcasing an unwavering commitment to passenger safety during charter flights in Australia.

Private jets - Dassault Falcon 7X
Private jets for hire - Dassault Falcon 7x

Falcon 7X Chartered Flight FAQ’s

How Much Does a Private Jet Cost for Charter Hire?

When considering charter hire, especially with a high-calibre aircraft like the Falcon 7X, it’s essential to understand the different factors that influence the final cost. To truly comprehend “how much does a private jet cost?” for charter hire, it’s advised to consult with the charter specialists at Adagold, who can provide a detailed breakdown and help you plan a journey that aligns with your budget and preferences. You can also get a rundown of private jets prices by visiting our Private Jet Cost page.

The cost encompasses a range of aspects including the hourly rate of the aircraft, which is influenced by the duration of your journey, current market demand and other factors.

Aside from the hourly rates, there might be other potential charges that can affect private jets prices. These could include:

Airport Fees: Depending on the airports you are flying to and from, there could be varying fees associated with landing and usage of airport facilities.

Crew Accommodation and Meals: For longer journeys, the cost of accommodating the crew overnight and providing them with meals might be added to the final invoice.

In-flight Catering and Amenities: If you have special requests for in-flight meals or other amenities, these could potentially add to the cost.

Fuel Surcharge: Depending upon the fluctuation in fuel prices, a fuel surcharge might be applicable to cover the additional cost of fuel.

What Makes the Falcon 7X a Preferred Choice for a Chartered Flight in Australia?

In the dynamic landscape of private jet hire in Australia, the Falcon 7X distinctively marks its presence, thanks to its stellar combination of innovation, luxury, and performance. Its advanced aerodynamic design not only promises speed but also an unparalleled smooth journey, making it a preferred choice amongst the discerning travellers. With its impressive range capabilities, it can easily cover substantial ground, connecting you to remote or regional areas with ease. A Falcon 7X chartered flight is synonymous with reliability and luxury, making it a formidable player in the competitive private jet market in Australia.

What are the Cabin Facilities Available in a Falcon 7X Private Jet?

When you step inside a Falcon 7X, you are immediately welcomed into a world of unmatched luxury and comfort. The spacious cabin is meticulously designed to offer the highest levels of comfort, complemented by a range of amenities that redefine your flying experience. From plush seating arrangements that can be configured to your liking to advanced in-flight entertainment systems, every aspect has been crafted to enhance your comfort and pleasure during the chartered flight. The noise-dampening technology ensures a peaceful journey, allowing you to relax or concentrate on your business agendas without any disturbance.

How Can I Customise My Private Jet Hire Experience with the Falcon 7X?

The Falcon 7X offers an exquisite canvas to craft a journey that mirrors your preferences and tastes. When you opt for a Falcon 7X charter flight, you gain access to a plethora of customisation options, from gourmet catering to tailored in-flight services. Whether you wish to conduct a business meeting at 51,000 feet or enjoy a bespoke menu, your wishes are met with utmost precision and attention to detail. Trained personnel are at your service, promising a journey that is as unique as you.

How Does the Falcon 7X Ensure Safety During Charter Flights?

Safety stands as a cornerstone in the operations of the Falcon 7X. Equipped with advanced avionics and state-of-the-art safety systems, it offers peace of mind throughout your journey. The highly trained crew is adept at handling diverse situations with professionalism, ensuring a safe and secure environment on board. When you choose a Falcon 7X chartered flight, you are not just choosing luxury, but also opting for a journey where safety is held paramount, promising a secure and seamless flying experience each time.

Booking with Adagold: Why Choose Adagold.com.au for My Falcon 7X Charter Flight?

Choosing Adagold for your Falcon 7X charter needs means opting for an unparalleled service experience. With a rich 30 year legacy in the industry, Adagold is not just a service provider but a partner in your journey, deeply committed to customer satisfaction. Our expertise ensures that your private jet charter experience is seamless, comfortable, and tailored to your specific needs, showcasing a clear understanding of the nuances of luxury travel.

Can I Book Charter Flights to Multiple Destinations with the Falcon 7X Through Adagold?

Absolutely. Adagold offers the flexibility to plan multi-destination journeys with the Falcon 7X, truly an embodiment of luxury and convenience. Our adept team assists in crafting itineraries that not only meet your travel requirements but also elevate your charter flight experience to new heights. With Adagold, orchestrating a journey spanning across various destinations is not only possible but is transformed into a delightful experience.

Is the Falcon 7X Available for Urgent Private Jets for Hire Through Adagold?

Yes, Adagold is well-equipped to facilitate urgent private jet hire requests for the Falcon 7X. Our streamlined process ensures that urgent bookings are handled with utmost priority, guaranteeing a swift and seamless experience from the moment you place your request. With Adagold, even last-minute travel plans are met with efficiency and professionalism, making sure that your urgent travel needs are not just met, but exceeded.

Charter Flights With Adagold

Embarking on a journey with the Dassault Falcon 7X via Adagold Aviation transforms travel into a unique experience, personifying luxury and premium service. At Adagold, our charter specialists are at the heart of our operations, offering unparalleled guidance and service to match you with the perfect private jet hire for your needs.

Our team prides themselves on offering a seamless and personalised charter flight experience, where every detail is meticulously curated. From your initial enquiry about private jet prices, to the moment you step off your chartered flight, our specialists are with you at every step, ensuring a journey that meets the highest standards of luxury and convenience.

With the expertise of our charter specialists, you’re not just hiring a private jet, you’re securing an experience defined by exclusivity and excellence. Reach out to our team at Adagold today and embark on a journey where every moment is crafted with your utmost comfort and safety in mind.

Private Jet Hire of Dassault Falcon 7X

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