Project Locations: North Queensland, Germany

Client Requirement

Our client, a mining contractor in North Queensland, suffered a major failure of a mechanical component. Each hour the equipment was inoperable was extremely costly. A replacement component was sourced in Germany and the most expedient way of transporting it to site was required.


The component comprised three pieces, weighing 4 tonnes. The fastest way to transport the component was by air cargo which required a long range cargo aircraft for the intercontinental leg and a smaller cargo aircraft to access the smaller airstrip at the mine site.


Within two hours of the initial call, the Adagold Aviation Cargo Team had a number of options to consider. Hours later, the component was loaded onto a dedicated Airbus A300 cargo plane and dispatched to Australia. In the meantime, our team had arranged for a smaller aircraft in North Queensland to transport the component on the final leg of its journey.


Just 24 hours after leaving Germany, the aircraft landed and transferred the component to the smaller aircraft. Our knowledge and experience saved the client tens of thousands of dollars in lost time by having the component on site in just 33 hours.